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Complaints List: Forex Market

Name: - Good broker

( Others) - August 15, 2016   Forex Market

I trade with this borekr during 1 year and i do not have any problesm with my trading and withdrawals, i thinl that if some traders have some problems because they do not know how to trade

Name: Amount Loss: 500$- - Refund

( India) - July 27, 2016   Forex Market

dear sir, i open an account with CMS with the hope that as per they told me that they provide training guidelines but after deposit the money several month finish my account manager his nam is Cameel Swan he is not replying my msz not answering In skype. I tired to send mail n all . Now I want my m... - SVSFX is irresponsible

Name: Amount Loss: 1500$- - SVSFX is irresponsible

( India) - April 13, 2016   Forex Market

Yesturday my account got wiped out. Cynthia and Ramzy both are account managers. These account managers are very irresponsible and no response for your deals. Please don't open any new account with them. If you need my trading report. Please reach me. I will share my trading report and mail thread ...

Name: - Good Responsible

( Others) - March 18, 2016   Forex Market

    Not often do you find a broker that is reviewed so well that doesn’t have a list of health warnings saying they are all fake. I have been trading multiple strategies on SVSFX Meta since October 2012 and the execution is generally at the better end of brokers for all of them. Su...

Name: - Ignoranse

( Canada) - March 2, 2016   Forex Market

After the loss of the part of initial deposit I desided to close my account and withdraw the money. Company now ignoring me totally. I didn't get my money back. After two time withdraw requests all is still at the same point. I tried to write emails to support team, call there. Nothing is happening....

Name: ActivTrades PLC- ActivTrades PLC - never returns your deposits

( Others) - February 4, 2016   Forex Market

I started trading with this company as was interested in fast growing market for investors. I trade with them and did earn well. After two years of trading I decided to close my account as wanted to invest in other plans. They did listen to my request and readily agreed to it. While opening the acco...

Name: Big Magic Traders- Big Magic Traders fool innocent people and steal their money

( Others) - January 19, 2016   Forex Market

Big Magic Traders is totally scam. They show people greed money and promise them to give double money with high returns. People invest money because these people tell them investment plan's which never get successful. This company cheats people by telling them that they will get more returns money i...

Name: is unprofessional company

( United States) - January 11, 2016   Forex Market

Hi, I work in the company, where all my colleagues use the website They advised me to try it as well, and they told me that the staff was really helpful and advised a lot. But in reality they were rude and completely useless guys, because they refused to response to my ...

Name: UFXMarkets Trading Platform- UFXMarkets Trading Platform - Unable to refund or close my account

( Others) - January 11, 2016   Forex Market

Hello, I register my email with UFXMarkets Trading Platform, they started to email and even call me from England to convince me how trustworthy they are, and how they like to show me the rope in Forex trading to become a competent trader. I eventually give in and deposit 1000 US Dollars with them be...

Name: forexnx- forexnx - Issue with my withdrawal

( Others) - January 11, 2016   Forex Market

I had started trading with $100. After some days I had lost all my money because of my carelessness. But then one of my friend called me up and advised me to start again and he would help me in trading and will provide me with daily signals and tips as well as with daily forecast. And now my account...

Name: Amount Loss: 6000$- - STOLLEN Loss of 6000$

( India) - November 8, 2015   Forex Market


Name: Stock Market- Stock Market - You are not required to be smart for trading

( Others) - November 2, 2015   Forex Market

a)Trading can be done by anyone. You just need to understand the basics of trading which you can get online easily. b)You should have a trading account from where you will be dealing all your investments. c)Make sure you know your limits while trading or you might lose money. d)    If...

Name: Amount Loss: $40000- - Fraud

( United Kingdom) - October 30, 2015   Forex Market

They want you to invest every single penny of your account. There is no safe strategy. If you request any refund they will not allow you to take your money out.

Name: - Reverse back money without any notice and chargeback to clients

( United States) - October 28, 2015   Forex Market is a fraud company I have lost a lots of dollars there. I worked with them for two projects and completed his work after some time I saw that all money reverse back for a project without any notice, I raise ticket for this so they said that this is "Chargebacks" employer roll back mon...

Name: FXIN- Amount Loss: no- About FXIN online trading broker

( India) - October 7, 2015   Forex Market

I opened my trading account with fxin online broker with $250. Manager taking more than 15days to verify account. After a month only i started my trading, but now going without problem.

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