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Majestic MRSS - Not Paying Foreign Vendors

Name: Majestic MRSS- Majestic MRSS - Not Paying Foreign Vendors

( Hong Kong) - October 12, 2016   Others

I am a freelance market researcher in Hong Kong. I did a research for this company Majestic between December 2015- Jan 2016. Despite my numerous emails & phone calls over the period, I've only got partial payment for my invoices. The account staff there simply ignore my messages most of the time...

AYREX - Excellent Service

Name: AYREX- AYREX - Excellent Service

( Nigeria) - October 4, 2016   Others

I partook in the Ayrex contest and was a lucky winner. This has served as an entiser to me to always come back and trade with them. The withdrawal was very fast and there were not charges on the withdrawal which i made. They have mobile platform that runs on android 5.0 and higher, so i could not u...

InstaForex is not scam broker

( Indonesia) - June 20, 2016   Others

  I just wanted to make a suggestion, if you want to succeed in trading and get a lot of profit, do not join with other than InstaForex broker. Another broker are scam and give promises but InstaForex give evidence. InstaForex have some professional analysts who help me in trading, with their ...

good luck

good luck

( Others) - February 7, 2016   Others

Many people are promoting their website as if it is going to run for long time but trust me they will close their business soon.If you see any investment site that says you need to pay via perfect money then please don't pay it. is as scam site which promises to pay 103% after 1 day ... is scam

( India) - January 25, 2016   Others

I would like to report a site that's fooling everybody into thinking that they are showing you investment free money making ways that are legitimate but that's not true. They just want you to become their referral and they are desperately trying hard for it. They are promot...


( Singapore) - December 28, 2015   Others

All mother fuckers account managers using same tactics & scripts to con investors. Top up top up nothing else but top up. Think about it, if they are real good, you will be making good profits, do you still need to top up Heard from my friends they are a bunch of liars. Their parents teach th...

They are a great broker

( Others) - November 16, 2015   Others

They are a great broker, good spreads, very seldom re-quotes and also their payment is fast and cheap. Their website is convenient, 5Stars forex also provides various program packages, especially for newcomers. Support is also good!!

American loves their pizza

( Others) - November 5, 2015   Others

  Venmo has become a rage with young Americans. It works like a PayPal. You can rent, transfer money etc through it. Most Americans love to order pizza through it. They just need to put a message in description and they prefer it with emojis. It is the fastest growing app as it is free and use...

Good To Be with Tradingbanks

( Others) - November 4, 2015   Others

I am surprised reading some of the negative comments here but my experience with tradingbanks is much different, it is good one. I have been looking for a secondary income and I am happy that my friends recommended tradingbanks to me. I was offered a 100% welcome bonus, after signing up and I starte...

It is simple to have a smart investment plan to support your retirement

( Others) - October 30, 2015   Others

  It is important that you plan your investment in such a way that it helps your retirement. You should plan your finances smartly. You should invest early in your career so that you can save more. Invest in different investments so that a market situation does not affect your financial plan a...

Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) repeat the same mistakes again and again

( Others) - October 28, 2015   Others

Hello, I wanted to add my wife as a joint account user to my credit card. I submitted the request and somehow they screwed up all. They looked up my credit report and opened a brand new credit card for my wife. The damage has already been done on my credit report and now I have to go through the has... - Regarding prepaid debit card

( United States) - October 22, 2015   Others

Hello, I recently got to know that Rush Card had an update on 12th October 2015 and it has Paralyzed Customers including me. Direct Deposits are rejected but I am glad that my company cut me a paper check. Existing funds being deleted from my account, although, I haven't had access to my funds... Th...

Buy Forex Signals

( United States) - August 5, 2015   Others

"I was skeptical at the start about your system. Anyway I subscribed, just to give it a try: it was a really pleasant surprise to see good results. These are high quality signals, thanks!"

Not getting required service

( India) - June 24, 2015   Others

I have took the service from capproin, but haven't receive service from capproin. lots of promises they did before joining service, will provide you good level, work together, personal attention over call, technical and fundamental details over each call. after payment, there is no service and no o...

stockaxis cheatings

( India) - May 12, 2015   Others

I PAID 30000RS FOR one year and after 6 month they are not sending any tips for 6 month they sent the stock tips are made lose only,they do not know about stock tips,they follow only computer software and they do not have their own knoledge. Dont trust them, they will send you to hell and you will...

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