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Complaints List: HYIP

Name: - Top latest hyip scam of 2016

( Singapore) - December 11, 2016   HYIP

    hello all investor below given are latest hyip scam & top hyip investment of 2016      ... do not have a website

( Others) - October 22, 2015   HYIP

Hi, I was a potential customer of Payment Systems, and asked their website address. The operator, bewildered by my question and not knowing what to say, asked me to hold on while she asked somebody. After a couple of minutes the operator finally came back to the phone saying "we do not have a websit...

Horizon Gold do fake promises and provide fake credit card

( Others) - October 19, 2015   HYIP

  Horizon Gold is Fraud Company, they provide fake credit card. I thought I was signing up for a free card. It has charged me 29.00 and sent my account into the negative with an overdraft charge. I want my money back into my account. I request you to take severe action against them and help me... 500% after 1 day Another Hyip Scam in List

( United States) - August 15, 2014   HYIP

  another scammer in list newly launched hyip called 500% after 1 day website is well built support inactive no quick reply they are offering such return am sure they will be scam soon alll investor think twice to invest with them min $50 chance of losing your money in 1 days s... No Referal Commision

( Pakistan) - August 12, 2014   HYIP

I member with them & getting regular profit in my account with lot of referal under my account but i am facing problem from 3 days am not getting my refferal commision i contact support they ask me send login detail am still waiting for reply let hope for the best they not going to scam

(ISSUE CLOSED) Am Unable to Access my Account No reply from Support

( Others) - August 11, 2014   HYIP

    I worry about my investment with are they paying to their member or not  i joined them by paying 400$ i got some payout for fews day now my problem is that last 2 days i am unable to acess my account it showing wrong user name i contact support but they said just email m... Does anyone got Prinicipal Back or Fake Promise

( Others) - August 6, 2014   HYIP

  like to join before joining i had some doubt website look good running since 500 days thats good paying regularly but are they really giving principal back because i have not seen any hyip which give us principal back am big investor ready to invest 1000$ if anyone got princip... Principal Withdrawal Pending

( Pakistan) - August 2, 2014   HYIP

My Name is sohail i use to invest most of my money in hyip becasue here you can earn mony easily currently i have lot of investment almost all the hyip which is on paying status i had investment with they are paying regularly since 1 month they said we can get principal anytime but... 200% after 1 Hours Very Honest Admin

( Others) - August 2, 2014   HYIP
 New Hourly Project Very Honest Admin very Reliable Site to Make Money Normal-Spent Amount $1 - $29 Hourly Profit 100.50% Standard-Spent Amount $30 - $49 Hourly Profit 110.00% VIP-Spent Amount $50 - $5,000 Hourly Profit 200.00% New Hyip Scam now Operating in India

( India) - August 2, 2014   HYIP new hyip plan  i have been scammed my investment is 200$ i invested through my moneybookers account but it showing in my account my money has been transfered but when i contact them they replied not received money yet i had screen shot as well but they keep on reply paym... Not Paying are they Scam

( United States) - August 2, 2014   HYIP had been dissapeared i have invested 500$ last week my withdrawal is pending I email them they are not replying but hyip monitor showing they are paying then why they don't reply my email or they going to scam soon 5000% after 3 Days 50% bonus on every Deposit

( Pakistan) - August 2, 2014   HYIP is good hyip am long time investor in hyip industry my investment is 500$  they are offering 50% bonus on every deposit this company deal in forex trading they earn money from there thats the reason give us such huge return common hurry & invest paying regularly... Not received Commision Past 2 Days

( Others) - August 1, 2014   HYIP

    i joined last week i had invested 400$ but past 2 days am not recieving my daily incentives in my account i invested through my perfect money account their support is not active don't respond quickly then they replied i will get my commision very soon but still i have not... are they Scam or Paying Website

( Bangladesh) - August 1, 2014   HYIP

hello everybody i am very new to hyip industry don't have any knowledge about hyip recently i came across hyip called website look very good i like to invest with them but not find any payment proof am ready invest 300-500$ if anybody got payment & have payment proof let me know not Legally Registered & Fake Contact Address

( Bangladesh) - July 31, 2014   HYIP

  All investor be alert stay away from they are not legally registered i guess their contact us address too is not real they are now the top hyip of 2014 running since 1 years don't joined them anytime they will be dissapeared more then 1 years no hyip will be survive for new joine...

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