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Name: nerd wallet- nerd wallet - Biggest scam ever

( United States) - November 27, 2016   Reviews

Nerd wallet says on 2 different loan companies all you need is a 600 credit score. Total liars!! I have a 652 and turn down for both instantly!   

Name: - Unethical conduct and business ethics

( Others) - November 18, 2016   Others

After having gone through account managers and a month of phone calls where I have been subjected to bullying, verbal abuse, being called a liar and been told I don’t know what I am doing, I have had enough and would rather walk away from $700 than deal with this company that practices unethic...

Name: Ayrex Binary Option Broker- Ayrex Binary Option Broker - My Good Experience with Ayrex

( Nigeria) - November 15, 2016   Others

Ayrex have really surprised me. I would have given up on Binary Option if not for my contact with Ayrex. I have had odd experiences with some very terrible brokers that used style to take away my money. Ayrex have Low deposit, many great methods of deposit, fast and realiable executions. Great custo...


( Others) - November 10, 2016   Others


Name: Ayrex Binary Broker- Ayrex Binary Broker - Aryrex is performing great

( Others) - November 5, 2016   Others

I just was to make some good comment on Ayrex binary option broker. They are really doing great. They gave hope again to trade binary option after some other broker has dubiously taken my money away. They have very good platform easy to use. They give $30 non deposit bonus. Deposit and withdraw very...

Ayrex binary broker, my favourite

( Pakistan) - November 2, 2016   Others

After having an experience of trading with many binary broker, I can say that ayrex is the only genuine binary broker. because they really wants to save you from loss and keep your money secure. No deposit bonus, deposit bonus, contest, automatic withdrawal facility, option to close the deal early....

ayrex best platform

( Bangladesh) - October 27, 2016   Internet & Website

hello trader, i traded with ayrex brokar they very easy paltform. instant oreder recived. instant withdrewal big profit withdrewal is very easy. 24 hours livechat, isntant account verifcation. great brokar ayrex in binary platfrom. ay time bonus bonus removed. no need fill up requorement.

Name: Ayrex Binary option- Observarion about Ayrex Binary option

( Others) - October 25, 2016   Others

My name is Salami hammed, I am a Nigerian, and I am base in Lagos. Ayrex is one of the best binary broker i have ever come across especially when it come to their customer care they are very efficient if you have any question they will make sure they attend to you instantly and make sure you are sa...

Name: is a SCAM, That Con Artist is a Liar and Writes Fake Reviews

( United States) - October 18, 2016   Internet & Website

I signed up for BinaBot because this faker said it was OK and I ended up losing $500 which I really needed for my rent. Now I'm getting evicted and my life has become a mess. is really bad reviews site and I feel I was badly mislead so don't make the same mistake I did and this guy ...

Name: - No communication

( Others) - October 13, 2016   Reviews

Withdraw Status 2016-10-05 13:10:55In progress.... Withdrawal 8 days in progress, NO REPLIES or ANSWERS to my emails or live chat messages!!! Scam, do not deposit anything! 

Majestic MRSS - Not Paying Foreign Vendors

Name: Majestic MRSS- Majestic MRSS - Not Paying Foreign Vendors

( Hong Kong) - October 12, 2016   Others

I am a freelance market researcher in Hong Kong. I did a research for this company Majestic between December 2015- Jan 2016. Despite my numerous emails & phone calls over the period, I've only got partial payment for my invoices. The account staff there simply ignore my messages most of the time...

Name: - jinengmetal is a fraud and a scam

( China) - October 11, 2016   Internet & Website and are both scams. They will send you fake and dangerous products. They almost never even try to fix their mistakes because the mistakes are actually on purpose. They don't care what they send, they think you'll be happy with whatever it is until it's too late. their e...

AYREX - Excellent Service

Name: AYREX- AYREX - Excellent Service

( Nigeria) - October 4, 2016   Others

I partook in the Ayrex contest and was a lucky winner. This has served as an entiser to me to always come back and trade with them. The withdrawal was very fast and there were not charges on the withdrawal which i made. They have mobile platform that runs on android 5.0 and higher, so i could not u...

Name: is a scam that could potentially kill

( United States) - September 23, 2016   Internet & Website

They will short you on almost every order and never pay you back. They will tell you they can get almost any product for cheap but almost all their products are fake, cut, or something completely different. They've sent NBOMe and Carfentanyl in place of other products like MXE and other more benign ...

Name: Dataposting Job- Dataposting Job

( Others) - September 22, 2016   Internet & Website

Oh forget about anyone answering phone number 9047054449 They dont even respond to e-mail. I saw in the review that dataposting has agreed they cant answer the phone but they DONT even respond to e-mail.

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