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Complaints List: HYIP Scams

 Swiss Bank Corporation -

Name: Swiss Bank Corporation- Amount Loss: $50-$500- Swiss Bank Corporation -

( United States) - January 16, 2017   HYIP Scams

I invested $50 with this bank and was suppose to see a $300 profit after 9 days.I have yet to see anything. I contact support but they never respond this business is a scam that is robbing people because it has done many others the same way please spread the word.

Name: Amount Loss: 30$- - Thieves

( United Kingdom) - January 4, 2017   HYIP Scams

They gain your trust with proffesionally looking website and afterwards do not pay. After you request a payment your withdrawal ends with "pending" status, even though they state to proceed withradwal in no longer than 24hours.  They made a lot of effort to this scam to look legit. Just plain...

Name: - Scam Scam not paying

( Bangladesh) - December 11, 2016   HYIP Scams

 hello my friend this hyip is scam not paying i have not receive withdrawal past 3 days admin not replying i have lost 500$ but few investor are getting payment but am sure they will not pay anymore to their customer.

Name: - BLock my Account

( Singapore) - December 9, 2016   HYIP Scams

    are they scam i not getting payment since fews days i have contact them through email but evertime i am getting different response & today am unable to login into my account i think they have block my account

Name: - Scammer Website shut down

( United States) - December 9, 2016   HYIP Scams ranway with my money i have invested almost 400$ not receive half my payment their website is not working i try to contact them through my referal but nothing work very bad experince with them

Name: Amount Loss: 500%- - Hyip scammer from India

( Pakistan) - December 9, 2016   HYIP Scams

    this company is big fraudster i had invested 500$ with them & got some payment but past few day i am unable to login in website and when i contacted admin theyare not replying many hyip monitor showing status paying but this is not true i am sure very soon they are gone runaway w...

Name: - - Latest hyip scam Website shut down

( United States) - December 9, 2016   HYIP Scams Hello friend maybe scam they are not paying website is shut down new scammer in the list but am getting regular payment from very stable company paying since long time.

Name: - are they paying or not

( United States) - December 7, 2016   HYIP Scams

Hello friend does anyone receiving payment from i have not got withdrawal today i have email admin but reply from them are they scam or not if anyone getting payment let me know

Name: - latest Scam

( Bangladesh) - December 7, 2016   HYIP Scams latest scam my payment has been stopped request to all investor not to invest with them they are scammer not paying to their customer no reply from admin chat as well as email.

Name: Amount Loss: 1976- - Fraud people, fake payments

( Others) - November 4, 2016   HYIP Scams

They scam and fraud people specialy this Failj Daynov( OIFLTD but he is No.1 fraud person. He shows big promisses in FB chat and then cheats you. He has a FB group( where he will invite and ...

Name: Unnecessary advertisement on company’s profile

( Singapore) - October 13, 2016   HYIP Scams

The company has a good status in market. They are good for trading and most of investors prefer this company for investment. The company profile is been flooded with advertisement which is really distracting for consumers. The advertisement pops up on the whole website which irritates the clients wh...

Name: extra charged with the deposit money

( United States) - October 13, 2016   HYIP Scams

After lot of research I decided to invest in this company as I found the profile suited to my interest. They told me that after certain deposit money I can start trading for it. After doing all the process to open the account I was assured that I could start trading soon. Before starting to trade th...

Name: is not helping me to withdraw my money

( Australia) - October 13, 2016   HYIP Scams

I have requested so many times to the company bit I guess it is falling to deaf ears. I am unable to withdraw my money from my account. Whenever I try to withdraw money from my account it gets locked. There is some technical issue with my account. Please rectify it soon so I can use my account. it i...

Name: Absolute Infowave - offiline work from home- Amount Loss: 500- Absolute Infowave - offiline work from home - Absolute Infowave

( Others) - September 29, 2016   HYIP Scams

Hello, I am from Karnataka. I was looking work from home and I saw some ad in paper regarding ABSOLUTE INFOWAVE.COM Company which provides work from home. I paid 500 as registration and for the package which they will send me by post. I didn’t receive any post from them and I conta...

Name: Huge scam in the name of daily profit by

( Bangladesh) - September 5, 2016   HYIP Scams

Please stay away from as they are no good. They will do anything to scam you. They promise you of about 3.5% every month but that is all fake and not true. They will just take the deposit and give profit for few days and as soon as you invest more you would be scam. So please be car...

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