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Complaints List: FX Broker - Blocked Account and telling any reason

Name: Amount Loss: EUR 2682.89- - Blocked Account and telling any reason

( Others) - December 8, 2016   FX Broker

Hi All,Hope you all are fine and doing well,Its my instaforex trading account number 5563317I am a alffilate with instarebate and with hard work i made client,I dont know how my client trades and how much money he/she made or lose but i get rebate of EUR 2682.89 ....and this amount still is in my ac...

Name: - Worst excuses by GTP Capital Broker to stop my withdrawal

( Others) - December 6, 2016   FX Broker

Just stay away from this scam broker as soon as you start to make profit they will make excuses to stop your payment. Since so many days I have been trying to withdraw my money from this broker but they are not responding to any of my emails or any of my messages. They are pure scam. Please spread t...

Name: - ZarForex is the worst Forex Broker Services in the market

( Others) - December 6, 2016   FX Broker

To be very frank there are hardly any Forex Brokers in SouthAfrica, This is one of the reason why I decided to trade with which is a broker and trust me they are the worst and a huge fraud in this financial market. I invested around $400 in my trading account and was hoping to make good... - TRADE MANIPULATION

Name: Amount Loss: 2000- - TRADE MANIPULATION

( India) - December 4, 2016   FX Broker

Hello I do like to share live trading experience with FXTM Fraud broker ,Mt4 account no ;2524290 they manipulate your trades in very cunning way, So below i have attached my complete trade history & Mt4 chart  

Name: - Etoro Broker just scamming traders for Affiliate Commisions

( Others) - November 30, 2016   FX Broker

Please never get scammed by the fraud tactics and fake strategy of They are using all fake ways to scam the traders. They show all fake results on their website and just trade to make commissions. It is better to stay away from them and trade on your own. They show more than 300% profit o...

Name: - FXTM Brokers are involved in major Loot across the Financial Market

( United States) - November 28, 2016   FX Broker

So sad to see that reputed brokers such as FXTM and FXTM partners who I am sure are associated with each other are involved in major scam. I dont think any one would believe this but trust me friends you have to just type FXTM reviews and FXTM complaints across GOOGLE and you would see so many compl...

Name: Amount Loss: 500- - fake

( Pakistan) - November 28, 2016   FX Broker

its is not a good platform

Name: - German Forex Broker such as heavyTrader are not good Services

( Canada) - November 27, 2016   FX Broker

Germany Forex Brokers are generally good and very proactive in services but I do not know why is services so slow and so inconsistent. I am trading in the market since 8 years and have seen many good Forex broker website but I was really shocked to see that the web site and cha...

Name: - CFDStocks are a huge scam in the name of Binary Broker Trading

( Others) - November 25, 2016   FX Broker

I am sure many of you traders and investors are already aware that CFDStocks and AAotions all are same fraud brokers with the same name. I was not sure how to trade and somehow managed to get hold of CFDStocks which was my biggest mistake in life. Due to fever and all I am not keeping well and now I...

Name: - Lot of problems while making Trade with Forex Broker CMTrading

( Others) - November 25, 2016   FX Broker

I enjoyed the concept of trading and thus I joined CMtradng and very little did I knew that I would not be able to make profit and all I would make is loss. By the way my name is Sifiso Malope and I was helped by Leo Reed who assisted my with opening of the accounts. Even after sending my id proof a... - withdrawal not being attend

Name: - withdrawal not being attend

( Malaysia) - November 24, 2016   FX Broker

My withdrawal is not being attended since 2 weeks ago !  Pls help me !

Name: Amount Loss: na- - forex4money support center

( India) - November 22, 2016   FX Broker

ave done trading with lot of broker and i lost the money but i got this broker they have given us good training about how to know about forex market trend and what is best time to do the trading so i made good profit in 22 days. Thanks for support

Name: Singapore Forex Broker & Forex Signal Provider- Singapore Forex Broker & Forex Signal Provider - Scam being done by Singapore Forex Brokers and Sign

( Indonesia) - November 21, 2016   FX Broker

Hi Traders - please be aware that there are many illegal financial activities being carried out by Forex brokers and Forex Signal Providers primarily from Singapore. I dont know why the Financial Monetary authority body of Singapore are not taking any action on it. They are hiring some fake girls wh...

Name: - Fraud Account Manager or TradeWithRobbie, beware of him

( Others) - November 21, 2016   FX Broker

Really bad that all my efforts to find a good broker or a good Forex account management services to manage my trades have gone completely wrong. I invested around $1500 so that I can get around $1000 every month which would ultimately help me to run my family and to clear my issues. I got good profi...

Name: - Australian Forex Broker Pepperstone Server is too Slow

( Australia) - November 20, 2016   FX Broker

Hi traders - please stay aware if you are making high volume trades with Broker Pepperstone. I guess they are a Australian Forex Broker, generally they are good but their is a big problem with their server. they must increase their speed of their server as many clients are facing the issue of re quo...

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