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Consumer Complaint ID: CCN0135222

Internet & Website Published date: July 23, 2014 Add to watchlist
  • Country: United States

I promoted products and services as they promised me to pay on time. After I reached my target they rejected me completely. I am really unable to convince them to make me my withdrawal. They just wasted 6 precious months of my life. Go to Hell

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Comments Scam by Graha: is a Scam website. Thank God I dint opted to work with them. Thanks tradecomplaint for the guidance. Selling System SCAM by Anonymous User:

    They are a big scam. Now they have started to take money out of client account without any intimation. So do not give any kind of information to them. not recommended by Terad:

    Adding to that complaint, they also have too many complication which really makes it very hard to use

    geek by geek:

    oh my word, you poor soul ! This is an outrage !!! the thieving gits ! You have saved me a lot of time and probably a lot of money. I would like to thank you for sharing this and I hope you get what you need for Christmas...You have saved my life in one respect...Thank you so so much... I don't trust anyone on line any more. it is a simple way to get scammed and done by gits like these people...there is noone to turn to and no body to complain to either . You are on your own , up the creek without a paddle !!!I feel sorry for you dude...but thankyou for the WARNINGS.

    Thank you also I actually got an invite from them and I watched their well scripted scam video allegedly sent to me secretly and with strict instructions not to share the information contained therein with anyone. I suspected the acts and the dramatics and the show of the video...they were working so hard to impress like fraudsters do.

    clickbetter scam by Roging:

    Normally many websites tend to use the formula of well scripted video and presentation to fool the customers.

    Some common problems faced by buyer's / customer's at and their solutions. by support_india:

    1. How do I purchase my desired product(s) from

    Solution: Currently, clickbetter uses three payment methods which are as follows:
    1. Credit Card (VISA / Master Card / American Express / JCB)
    2. Bitcoin
    3. Sofort (Only available in UK, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland)
    The above payment methods are also available on the order page.

    Also, please do remember that PayPal is currently not available to make payments.

    2. What is Bitcoin? How to make payment using Bitcoin?

    Solution: Bitcoin is a type of digital currency. It is the world's most widely used alternative currency with a total market cap of approximately $5.3 billion.

    1. To purchase using Bitcoin; open an account with Bitcoin wallet and exchange platform like Coinbase ( and then easily convert their local currency into and out of Bitcoin.

    2. Once you have created a Bitcoin wallet (account) and have transferred money into it, kindly, visit the order page and select Bitcoin as your payment option.

    3. You shall be redirected to the relevant Bitcoin payment page where you are required to enter your Bitcoin wallet (account) details to complete the transaction.

    4. Once your payment is successfully processed, you shall receive an order receipt containing all the relevant info related to your purchase.

    For further queries / issues related to Bitcoin please contact the Bitcoin support team.

    3. What is Sofort?

    Solution: Sofort Banking is a real-time online banking payment service available to customers who have a bank account in UK, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, and Switzerland). The key benefit of SOFORT Banking compared to normal credit transfer is the instant confirmation of the order sent to the merchant allowing an instant delivery of services.

    4. I am unable to purchase through

    Solution: The soluion of this issue depends on the error message that you receive while making the purchase which are as follows:

    (A) Error message: Payment declined, please contact your bank.

    This means that your bank / card company is blocking payments through the Clickbetter website.
    You have to contact your bank / card company and ensure that there is no blocks from their end and then try purchasing the same once again.
    Do remember to clear your browser cache before you try and I am sure it will work.

    (B) Error message: You are blocked from purchasing through this site.
    This means that in the past you might have made a purchase from clickbetter and your bank / CC provoder has made a chargeback
    for the products amount from Clickbetter on your behalf instead you making a refund request. So the Clickbetter payment
    processors block you from making any further purchases from

    If you come across any other problem other than those mentioned above then please mail to [email protected]
    along with the following info, so that you receive assistance regarding the same.
    (a) Your full name.
    (b) Screenshot of the error message
    (c) Your first 6 and the last 4 digits of the credit / debit card you are trying to use.
    (d) The email id you are trying to use.
    (e) The phone number you are trying to use.

    5. I have made the payment but have not received the confirmation email.

    Solution: In this case please write to [email protected] along with the following info and they will assist you.
    (a) Your full name.
    (b) The correct email id you have used to purchase.
    (c) First 6 and the last 4 digits of the credit / debit card that you had used. (optional)
    (d) Your Bitcoin wallet id. (in case the payment has been made by Bitcoin)
    (e) Bitcoin payment url. (in case the payment has been made by Bitcoin)

    6. My account has been charged more than once for the purchase that I made.

    Solution: For this issue please write to [email protected] with a acreenshot of the bank / card statement
    showing that you have been charged for than once for the same purchase. After investigation the duplicate charges
    will be reverted back to you.

    7. I have been charged more than the advertised price.

    Solution: The additional charges are VAT and internationl transaction fees. In some cases there can be currency conversion
    fees as well. Please remember that these charges are not made by but other financial institutions
    involved in this transaction. Clickbetter has no juridiction over these institutions.

    8. What is the 60 days refund policy?

    Solution: 60 days refund policy states that all products sold through
    will be backed by this policy and the product amount will be refunded within 60 days (calculated from the date of purchase)
    as per the refund request made by the buyer / customer; no questions asked. Please remember that once the 60 days
    refund period gets over, you will not be refunded no matter what the issue is!!

    9. My purchase came with 60 days refund perid but now the support team is saying that it only had 14 days refund period.

    Solution: There are very few products sold through that carry a 14 days refund period instead of
    the usual 60 days refund period. Therefore, I would suggest you to please contact the support team to confirm the same.
    The refund will not be issued once the respective refund period gets over.

    Also, your order receipt might say that you have a 60 days refund period but the will refuse to issue
    refund saying that the purchase only had 14 days refund period which has already elapsed and hence refund cannot be issued now.
    Yes! I know that some of you may say that this is "Cheating" while many other amongst you will say that this is false advertising.
    Well here's the twist. Clickbetter does not advertise, it's the vendor's (sellers) who advertise.

    Clickbetter has issue notices to such vendors to stop false advertisement and to crrect the order receipt that are
    being sent to the customer promising them 60 days refund while knowing that their product only carries just 14 days refund period.
    All such vendors have been warned to correct the same by the end of January 2015 or else they shall be permanently banned from
    selling their products ever again via the internet.

    10. I am having issues with the product(s) I purchased.

    Solution: I would suggest you to contact the vendor (seller) of the product directly or contact the support
    team of and ask them to open a support ticket on your behalf with the vendor.

    The Clickbetter support team only provides billing related support for the products sold through
    Please do not blame the support team if your purchase is not working or you are having issues during the usage of your purchase.

    11. How do I request a refund?

    Solution: First, open a refund request with the vendor. After opening the refund request you need to wait for
    at least 24 - 48 hours to wither receive a reply for the vendor or an email confirmation stating that your refud has been issued.

    If nothing happens even after 48 hours of opening a refund request with the vendor then contact Clickbetter at [email protected]
    Along with the order id(s) for which you want a refund. The refund shall be processed in 24 hours and you shall receive a confirmation email regarding the same.

    12. How long does it take for the refund to reach my bank account / card?

    Solution: The truth is that it actually takes 45+ days for the refund to get credited into an account.
    But Clickbetter billing team tries very hard so that the refund reaches you within 21 business days.

    13. Why does it take so long for the refund to get credited into my account? It just took 5 minutes for Clickbetter
    to charge my card / account.

    Solution: Well, you see that Clickbetter is a reputed multinational company having millions of dollars of transaction taking place every day.
    So the finalcial institutions involved know where your money is heading and to whom and hence they allow the quick transaction. If this does not happen then
    each transaction (payment) you make to will approximately take 10 - 15 minutes to get completed and such will lead to heavy website traffic
    and utter chaos.

    But when Clickbetter is issuing refund it is commong to us the common people, and as you know that there is a lot of money laundering that is taking place.
    Every day we read or hear about huge piles of money getting caught by police and special authorities, which were supposingly to be used for some terrorism purpose
    or for drugs or mafia. Due to such sensitive issues every penny that Clickbetter sends to you is crosschecked by various financial institutions before it actually reaches you.
    Hence the delay.

    14. What to do if the refund does not reach you even after 60 days from the date it has been issued.

    Solution: I suggest you to contact [email protected] and ask them to "run a refund trace" and provide you with the ARN number associated with your refund.

    15. What is an ARN number wnd what shoud I do with it?

    Solution: An ARN in credit card transactions is the Acquirer Reference Number, a unique number that tags a credit card transaction when it goes from the merchants bank (The Acquirering Bank) through the card scheme to the cardholders bank (The Issuer).

    If you are querying a credit card transaction, having the ARN will allow your Bank to track your transaction.

    If you can get hold of the department at your bank which deals with disputed payments, they should be familiar with ARNs and be aware of how to track your payment using one, and confirm exactly which entry in your account is the payment in question.

    by Llani Kawenga:

    Scam, scam, scam click better. Lost my money with them thank goodness it wasn't alot. Still money is money when you don't have it y'know. I try to get into online businesses and things and what little money I have I invest if it looks good to the eye. Believing also that click better seemed a bit like click bank. C'mon google what's wrong with ya why haven't you shut these thieving ahole pricks down. Shame on you click better, SHAME!!!

    by syed muhammad ali bukhari:

    yes they are scam they was paying me before but when i getting paid and success they stopped paying me and also is a scam site they also not adding the commission like

    mr by dali:

    I am a cripple in a wheelchair
    and they cancelled my payment of $440 one day before they supposed to pay me!

    After I paid 4 x $47

    myemailmentor dot com is created by clickbetter dot com
    to rip you off every month for $47 on international scale

    Beware of these online terrorists who are there to pray on 1000s of needy and poor
    online marketers world wide and take their hard earned cash.

    They are the same scumbag low lifes who create videos for binary trading
    to steal your money with videos of riches which are all made by these online international terrorists

    how can these online terrorists sleep at night?

    you took my $47 every month depriving me of food and one day before paying me you cancelled my account?

    Horrible horrible karma is ahead of you

    Report these scumbags to Interpol, FBI and CIA
    since they are ripping off people all over the planet and keep reporting them

    by ross woodroffe:

    I just gave them my visa details fore the first 1.50payment & my address details. what now? I want out ross

    crooks by vincent:

    do not try to work with these swindler nazi crooks
    ... they steal from you ...

    effects of mold on human body. by vinny:

    Dr. Andrew Campbell and the effects of mold on human body.

    Can you please start my account by turning on my power to my house. by James Lockhart:

    I am trying to get my house lights turn on cause it's too cold for me and I am disabled and cold air have me in pain I am on social security and have a payee that pay's my Bill's.

    by Lois Smith:

    I have a home business that will make me a millionaire in
    30 days (for real) and Click Better refused to process it because I did a charge back 4 years ago. It isn't my fault there are so many dishonest scums out there, But didn't think they had the power to ban me!?? Need feed back???
    What country are they out of?

    If I request a refund do I have to close request? Click better said if you close request you do not get refund. If I request refund after a few hour it switches itself back to support request. What should I do then to get refund?

    A & D Towing 661-992-2020 by vincent:

    they did the same to me, i wish e can get hold of these low lives

    A&D Towing Lancaster 661-370-8618 member by Sara Navid:

    Definitely this is a SCAM do not waist your time and energy.

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