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option.fm - Option.fm a fraud broker scammed my wife for money

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Consumer Complaint ID: CCN01317226

FX Broker Published date: October 19, 2015 Add to watchlist
  • Country: United States

It is really a huge disappointment that my family has been scammed by option.fm fraud broker. They somehow managed to cal my wife I don't know from where did they got her number, they just directly call her and convinced her to make a deposit in their system. She made the deposit without asking me and they are directly making the scam in the market. I am going to file a huge complaint against them.

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    Option FM Faud by helen:

    Hi i have been scammed by Option FM did you get your money back ?

    Mr by Simon Yerbury:

    I have been scammed by this disgrace of a company and its account manager Steven Silver,he is a liar and a conman who now refuses to approve a withdrawal request,and keeps comming up with different excuses everytime i speak,as well as humiliating me with threats of law suits.This person is a disgrace to the human race.I will be contacting A.S.I.C who will then go to CySEC.

    Option.FM Scam by Helen:

    Please contact me if you have been scammed by Option.fm
    [email protected]



    by Gay:

    Yes I have been scammed account manager christopher Jones voted best account manager third year in a row yeah right.He gave me a trade to take 4k which is all i had in my account, I took that trade and it lost. I have been talking to him on skype and he comes up with every excuse in the book, now i have to talk to an account manager in another department. I have been asking him to release the funds of 4k that he made me lose on a trade, it wasn't my fault i did what he told me to do. Now we have no money, my husband was laid off from his job last year and finding it hard to get a job,can anyone tell me who I can talk to to get my 4k back. But there are also bonuses as well what about those, can some one please help me. Email me gayleefe57 @yahoo.com.au, I am desperate. Thank You.

    Option FM by Kerry Carlington:

    I have been with Option FM for about 4 months now and have been doing great. My account manager has been very easy going and has helped me understand the market. I enjoy working less and being home with the kids while making a secondary income. My husband has personally sent a thank you message to Dean West to thank him for everything he has done for us. I am looking forward to a family vacation from money we made from our investments to Taiwan next month.

    by Craig:

    Hi guys i have an account with Option FM for 6 month and i very pleased from the service.

    I started with 50k investment and join the "Imperial" account.

    so far I resale 125,000 GBP and my balance is 252,400GBP

    I very happy

    option FM by robert:

    hey my name is robert , and i'm electrical engineering .
    im working with optionFM for over a year now, started with only 15k usd and now it's over 63k usd. i quit my job since then .
    im very happy .
    also trading with other binary companies.

    by anne:

    I think we were so unlucky to have Christopher Jones Gay .My story the same as yours . What a good talker trust me right when, I wanted to pull out he put the guilt on me you do not trust me . Even sent me a lap top yes right the most dearest computer ever . now my card is so far over
    How can this man think he is a good person .

    by Fang:

    I was just scammed by Steve Silver, Option FM

    Please please do not put any money in!!!
    They are an operator of a fraud!!!
    They trick you by every means to get your money!!!

    by Fang:

    And please do us a favor if you are also a victim of their fraud.
    Please do contact ActionFraud, which is the UK national fraud and cyber crime reporting center.
    When we have more evidences, we have stronger power to crack them down!!!!
    Together, we can get the justice back and put them jail!!!

    by Matteo Caruso:

    Most brokers try to make you deposit more and more. Don't fall in the trap!

    by Debbie collins:

    Optionfm scammed my partner out of thousands. We accepted the loses and put it down to experience. They then added insult to injury by having a different broker continually calling trying to make her put more money in. I found his tone quite threatening. He wouldn't stop until I got on the phone and told him that I was going to report him to the police and uk actionfraud. Nasty pieces of work

    Scammed by option fm, (Manager) Christopher Jones. by Gay:

    Is there anything we can do about getting our money back anyone we can ring for advice overseas. Please let me know as I live in Queensland Australia. They should be accountable for this.I want it all back. I am struggling and he has caused a lot of stress and financial problems for me and my family. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You
    Gay.QLD AU

    Option fm by Vince:

    I came in here to see who am i working with and i just don't know what you are talking about.
    I started with the minimum amount about 3 months ago and i stand on 4,756$ , 4 out of 5 1k trades the senior account manager offered me where successful and i already withdrew 800$ once and 1,200$ once with each of those withdraws taking just two days at most.
    I am more then happy with the treatment i'm getting with this company even though i lost with option rally in the past.

    Seems I have been done myself. I started the Tier 5 account of $2500. My account manager told me if I only traded on the trades he told me to this $2500 would be fully protected. I am inexperienced so put my trust in him. We traded 2 weeks ago and he lost it all. Now they want me to set up a $10000 account to retrieve my €2500 back!! What the hell do we do we do about this?

    by mjita:

    I have good news to everybody who has been scammed:

    i was also scammed, but am using [email protected] to assist me in my recovery-process.

    i also used winchargeback.com (they charge 25%) to recover a loss from another scam company.

    (don't believe them when they want to make a recovery - they just want more of your money and once you have been sucked dry, you will be spat out)

    All we want is our money back from option fm we have all been scammed very badly. I there anyone out there who can help us. I pray everyday that i would go into my email and get a awesome email saying your money has beed transfered to your bank account, RE; Option FM,but still nothing. Please someone out there help all of us to get our money back

    Hi Gaylene,

    please read my post above. if you have been scammed and paid per credit card within the last 120 days, there is a good chance of getting your money back. just hurry and contact either tommisu or winchargeback.com.

    wish you every success!

    option fm by Heidi Janse van rensburg:

    Hi kerry carlington, I'm pleased you getting time with your children and family, I'm also with option fm and been very happy with there trades, I've won most of them and my account manager Tom Callahan has been amazing, although I haven't been able to get in touch with him,I believe he's on leave. I wold love to chat to you personally. please send me your email address. in all ,so far, option fm has been great, doing my first withdrawal, so will see what happens next.

    Option fm by Troy:

    Deposited 2100 usd.have not traded and have asked for moneys back.There website says 5-7 days.So if it's a scam i let you know Friday 28th August 16.So will let you know.
    Regards Troy

    Option fm by Mr Fagintino:

    I have worked with deene west a few months ago. I needed to make some quick cash for a start up and learning how to trade was not an option. Deene gave me the trades and i turned my investment into 3x the amount very quickly. I have withdrawn most of the money and profits since i was out of internet connection (guinea). But i was very pleased with my time and proffesional help. I didnt believe anything until i saw my first withdraw.

    Option FM Scam by Tania:

    I too have unfortunately been scammed by this organisation. I would like to hear from anyone that has also had this horrible experience.

    Scam by OptionFM by Maria:

    OptionFM is running a big scam. They have stolen a lot of money from a lot of Traders. Can we get together to get a class action law suit started against them.

    option-fm-reviews by User12:

    This type of scam must be prevented from happening. Very sad to see this type of scam

    Option FM dangerous scam

    Stay Away...Dangerous scam!!!!...some people loss huge amount of money and suicide from it.

    by Josef Liebt:

    What are you people talking about?? If you trade correctly and efficiently there will not be a problem. I traded on my own and with an account manager and both has been profitable. When i couldnt do enough research to find trades, my account manager gave me great trades. People, when you trade and dont know what you are doing, you are going to lose. I look online about all the trades and my account managers know their stuff! I trade on my own on stocks that are looking good and mostly do win.

    Fake testimonial from Option FM

    Don't trust any testimonial. They're fake. A very professional scam.

    Scam by Maria:

    OptionFM is a scam. Do not believe those who say otherwise. They are on payroll of OptionFM

    Scam by Option.fm by Helen:

    Anyone starting a class action suit against Option.FM.
    We can keep on posting but they have our money and we never going to see it unless we take legal action to close them down.

    Option FM by R.J:

    I have worked with Option FM and the account manager Ryan Webb. I did not invest millions, but did have a few grand to play around with. Ryan helped me on trades and showed me how to withdraw. I have since been very busy working but look forward to returning to the trading. Option FM has been a first class company.

    by Irshad Hussain:

    I was also scammed by optionfm.My account manager name was Steve McCarthy
    Experience is the same as maNY of the ones shared above

    Here's the script they worked with me

    1) Made me to deposit USD 10k. They will force you to do this. They will even force to use your credit card even if you tell you don't have money. Don't ever fall into the trap

    2) Next; a so called analyst will call you. Will give you some trades and will show some initial profits.

    3) Now if you try to withdraw the profit they will tell you all sort of excuses and will make commit more trades.

    4) Contrary to the initial statements that they will never trade on the entire capital, they will force you to put the entire money including the profits you made eatlier in the trade.

    5) In 2 to 3 trading session s they will make sure they you will lose the entire money

    6) Now; they will keep calling you to invest more money to recover the losses.They will sound very sympathetic for your losses and try all means to make you invest again.They wanted USD 25k from me to recover the losses of USD 10k.

    They are a real scam. PLEASE DO NOT INVEST WITH THEM

    If you need to talk to me to get more pls call me on 00971562226836



    OptionFM Scam by Noel Mac:

    OptionFM IS A DANGEROUS SCAM. My experience is of deception by a senior account manager, leading to the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The case for deception and fraud by the account manager is clear, with recorded conversations substantiating the misinformation and assurances he gave (with witnesses). The company does not deny the misrepresentations of the account manager, but has studiously avoided its responsibility in redressing the wrongdoing to its customer for well over a year now.

    The company has a history of misrepresenting the location of its trading operations (until recently using a false address in Hong Kong), and no longer holds the licence it once had from the Belize IFSC. It touted the credibility of that license as hard as it could during the early part of 2016, stamping it on every page of its new (March 2016) web site. This is despite the fact that its licence had not in fact been renewed for 2016. When it finally dropped its claim to holding such a license, there was not the briefest mention to its customers of such a significant change in its business circumstances.

    In mid 2016 they appear to have abandoned their parent company, BO Technologies (the one that had been licensed in Belize) and now claim to have a new parent company, Artemis Technologies Ltd, based in the Caribbean tax haven of St Vincent. If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat, you can be sure that it is a rat.

    I could go on for pages, but suffice to say that OptionFM is not trustworthy. I know of others across a few countries who have distressingly similar (and personally disastrous) experiences of OptionFM. And national financial regulators in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand warn against doing business with them.

    Beware also of false positive reviews and a suite of friendly web sites promoting OptionFM and giving glowing reviews. They are part of the stable of deception, and they are complicit in OptionFM's fraud.

    Option fm scam by Jenny D:

    Oh yes they are indeed a scam. Very smooth talking and persuasive. Unfortunately I fell victim and when I tried to withdraw my funds was told I could not. Eventually after more trading I had a phone call from Ryan Webb who said he would begin recovery trading. They very next day an amount of little under half of what was in my account was transferred to my bank. I have twice emailed Ryan Webb in respect of his promises to begin recovery but he has not bothered to reply. Now I have been approached by Jessica Fishman who assures me that if I invest a further US $20,000 she will retrieve my losses! I think not. My original account manager was Daniel Simms and his superior S Goldman. Do not trust this company. They are all smooth talking and immoral if not illegal.

    option.fm are scammers by Ben:

    They are scamming all innocent people by doing fake promises. Be alert.

    by Mev S Mienie:

    Hi, I have also been scamed by Option FM broker Adam Hofman. Don't trust him.

    option fm by HM:

    don't trust them, learnt and research shows, they all not loyal brokers, Dean West,Tom Callahan all untrustworthy, all "good reviews" are in fact there blogs. do yourself a favour and watch the movie wolf of walls street, that's OFM, they don't care, they build your trust, earn you money, then set your acc to lose all your trades, these brokers, most of them only earn comm by signing clients up and clientsdepositing money,then you lose all your money and you are contacted by a recovery broker which is in fact just another cover to scam you to deposit more funds. don't, it's ruined many lives and the necessary authority and justice departments need to step in, it can lead to ruining many families and even result in people doing and harming g themselves because they've lost there entire savings. if you want a safe site look at Nadex, they are not a broker but a exchange, at least you won't have a wolf trying to bleed you dry.

    OptionFM Scam - a Dangerous Circus by Noel Mac:


    As one who has experienced the fraud perpetrated on many of its clients by OptionFM, I at least have to be amused by its corporate gymnastics - presumably in pursuit of arrangements which are designed to distance itself from claims by clients and legal authorities. Or maybe it's just a consequence of them not knowing who they are from day to day, because of their mysterious and deceptive corporate arrangements.

    In 2016 they abandoned their long-standing claim to operate from a false office address in Hong Kong - they no longer even have a Hong Kong phone number for client contact. Maybe authorities or clients were getting too close, or the serviced office provider at that address did not want to get tangled in police inquiries?

    In early 2016 OptionFM promoted prominently on their new web site that they were "licensed since 2015" by the IFSC in Belize, when at the very time they posted those claims the license of their parent company, BO Technologies, had not in fact been renewed by the IFSC.

    A little later, OptionFM appeared to abandon BO Technologies as its parent company, and its Terms and Conditions in May 2016 stated that it was owned and operated by Artemis Technologies Ltd, operating out of the Caribbean tax haven, St Vincent.

    But now (November 2016) OptionFM's Terms and Conditions have re-instated BO Technologies, based in Belize, as their parent company. But they accidentally left in the clause stating that disputes would be subject to the laws of St Vincent - not an oversight one would expect of competent lawyers, even those well accustomed to corporate masquerades and slight-of-hand.

    If you want some insight into the "business model" of OptionFM and its shady affiliates, try Googling the Times of Israel article from March 2016: "The Wolves of Tel Aviv: Israel's vast, amoral binary options scam exposed." I don't know how they sleep at night, and if you have any of your money exposed to them, then you should not sleep well either.

    Option FM scam and recovery by Mayankie:

    I have pretty much the same story. Gave $15,250 to them on the promise of 10% profits each month and insured trade. When I finally told them I have no money to give, a few big trades were taken overnight without my knowledge and permission and not surprisingly, all trades lost. My account was almost standing on empty.

    I researched and chanced upon [email protected] as described by another victim above. Took 3.5 months but I got all my money back. I gladly paid the 15% recovery fee upon the refund of all my money.

    So if you have been scammed and you made your payments by credit cards, please contact [email protected] asap as there is a time frame within which you can recover your money through chargeback.

    by Ellen:

    Do not take any Bonus offer from your broker or your manager, do not allow your broker manager trade on your behalf. That is how they manipulate traders funds. If you need assistance with retrieving your lost fund from your broker or Your account has been manipulated by your broker manager or maybe you are having challenges with withdrawals due to your account been manipulated. Kindly get in touch with me on [email protected] and I will guide you on simple and effective steps to take in getting your entire fund back.

    by Dino Brown:

    Are you losing trades? Do you want to trade with genuine and work with great speed?are you experiencing failure in trading binary/Forex online are you a newbie in the system? Have you lost money to scammers who promised you huge amount of money and never payed you out? Do you know that you can make a minimum profit of over $20,000 or much more in a week if you invest through the right source, do you need advice, trade Chart in trading binary or an expert that will manage your account and be guaranteed of 100% profit and payout with over 99% accurate wins daily, for those interested you can contact me on [email protected]

    If anyone has been scammed by option fm, as I have, please, please call Action Fraud. The more complaints they have the more they will be able to do. All it is is a phone call. 03001232040.
    Save somebody tears and heartache.

    Class action against ofm by Simon Yerbury:

    Please contact me for info on law firm that is looking into a class action against Option fm and Bank DE Binary. [email protected]

    by Jay:

    Reading the reviews most of you left on trade complaint.it is not helpful cos it makes one heartbeat read faster about your negative comments.
    My account was just credited by optionfm today. Incase you need assistance ,call their customer support they will help u out.

    OptionFM and Banc de Binary Scams by Noel Mac:

    Jay advised that negative reviews on this site are not helpful because it makes the heartbeat faster, and suggests that contacting OptionFM customer support will help.
    Unfortunately, I have been in contact with their customer service officers, their falsely named "recovery managers", their VP of Customer Support, their ex-licensor (you should ask them why they are no longer licensed and why BDB has just revoked its license in Cyprus), their "legal representative" who doesn't even disclose a surname, and a half a dozen law and regulatory authorities around the world. There is no simple remedy to fraud.
    I also know of a number of people who have had their dreams and life savings destroyed by OptionFM and Banc de Binary, with collective losses exceeding millions of dollars. Yes, your heart should beat fast when you are in their grasp. Fortunately, national and international legal authorities are beginning to mount their attacks, and many of the binary option predators should see the inside of criminal courts at last. Their real names (not the false names they give over the phone) are beginning to be published on the internet, and to lawyers.

    by Maria Ruben:

    Do you have funds you wish to withdraw from your binary broker trading account? Have you been scammed due to one reason or the other, Are your broker managers asking you to make more deposit before you can place a withdrawal? I myself have gone through it and at the end I got mine back. If you're interested with retrieving your funds or deposit from your broker you can contact me on [email protected] and i will guide you on steps to take in retrieving your funds and deposit back.

    Best Broker Strategy by linda carpenter:

    Everyday is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, we've got 24 hours each.Are you a newbie,Are you having issues in making profit Via trading, Are you lacking trading experience?Well if so, i am here to help who it may concern and having interest on how to make it big in trading binary option with my new risk and money management strategies with a good amount of money for investment in a reliable,secure Broker Account/platform with good trading terms and conditions broker,Email;[email protected] success and extra money making is sure,make haste to contact me right away,


    Its so bad that nothing legal have been done to the fraud and unethical activities of this binary options phenomenon,i lost $46750 of my life savings,i was scammed by Steven Silver and his group of associates who refuse to approve withdrawal request,this guys are 5 star rated on most ratings and blogs,they stopped picking my calls and even threaten me with a law suit,imagine? this group of people are a disgrace to human race,i tried all i could to get my money back,went as far as reporting to A.S.I.C, but still nothing happened,i almost gave up till i met my one time account manager Christopher Jones,who gave me an unofficial advice to hire a hacker he knows to help get me funds back,i really didn't believe but still went ahead to contact hackwizz((AT))yandex((DOT))COM ,ill say he was very professional and told me am not alone in this,he got all the relevant information and in about six days,i was able to log on to my account,although i wasn't able to withdraw the gains,i was able to withdraw all my initial deposits and assets which was more than i expected,i think this can help someone here too.

    by Ahmed Al-Junaidi:

    Hi o was scammed by FMFX and they are not returning my money giving all possible execuses can someone help or advise how to submit a calim against them .


    Hi Jenny D,
    I also fell victim to DANIEL SIMMS and RYAN WEBB and MR.GOLDMAN.They gave assurance that I would make money.When DANIEL SIMMS and his associates lost all my money, he then passed me over to DAVE SHAPIRO,(supposedly recovery department),lost even more money, when I tried to make a withdrawal,he prevented it and took every last penny out of my account.They are liars!!

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