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vxmarkets.com - VXmarkets follows some interesting trading strategy to lure customers

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Consumer Complaint ID: CCN01312474

FX Broker Published date: February 26, 2015 Add to watchlist
  • Country: United Kingdom

Name: vxmarkets.com

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Few of the irritating strategy by VXMarkets.com Forex Broker are they will try to lure the customers by giving all fake offers which are not practical in real life or in Forex Market. One thing that even I noticed is that as soon as you just sign up for a demo account they will call you numerous times to lure you to go for the live account. They really call you all the time to lure you to deposit more and more and eventually you lose out everything. The final step is once you make the profit then you need to cry as you would never receive your payment back. it is gone forever. It is better to stay away from them as they just want you to lose money in their trading system.

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    This is perfectly true. VXMARKETS are gangsters.

    Don't fall in this, they will burn you.

    by Alphonsa Rode:

    Please dont deposit any money to Vxmarkets, they will ripoff you, I deposit $750, I lost everything, everytime they ask money, and calling everytime, and got my money and lost all the money. Please dont waste your hard earned money.

    Fraud - $1200 by Alphonsa Rode:

    Hello i am from Sri lanka, I am a cancer patient, and i received an email saying that if i deposit $300, I will make money and I deposit $300, after I deposit they said they need another $900 then they can pay me $10,000 per month, so I thought if I deposit I can get $10,000 and I can buy my medicine, but when I trade $25 they are taking $100 and $200 so I lost all the money, please dont believe VXMARKETS AND MAXOPTION they are fraud , please dont deposit any money to them. I want to get my money to purchase my medicine.

    Mr by Franklin Shava:

    I made a deposit with VX Markets on 22/06/15 thinking that they were genuine brokers.

    I do not know what I should do now in the light of the comments above which show that VX Markets are frauds.

    Can someone advise me what options I have in trying to get my money back.

    Can these VX Markets people be held to account in any jurisdiction?

    How can such options be exercised?

    by Em:

    I deposited money to vxmarket i lose the first deposit and they took all the money from my account i am trying to withdraw but it's seems like its only a dream to get my money back. Pls help anyone i made a deposit 29/06/15. If anyone with same case pls contact me.

    by Em:

    Anyone with same case as me pls contact me 07712167878. Hoefully we get our money back they said they will give a refund in 3days time i will wait and see.

    by Goose:

    I'm from Indonesia. Deposit US$250, at first it grows a bit up to US$265 but then it's draining to US$43.. that sucks
    DO NOT go into this scumbags trap, looks like this VXmarket is all frauds

    by Jhonny:

    Thanks guys. You saved me and my wallet. VX markets wanted to take $500 from it. God bless you all.

    by R I:

    I'm from Indonesia, just signed up and got a call from VX Account Manager, Angela. Has not made any payment, though. Thank you for the info. I will not invest in this.

    by Yahaya:

    I'm from Nigeria, I just signed up and also got a call from their agent,after collecting my details they tried to make withdrawal but the bank blocked the transaction due to insufficient fund, thank God I purposely refused to put enough fund because my mind was not comfortable with them and with the information above my money is save I will never invest with them.

    by Jennifer:

    I traded with VX MArkets and won $500,000. I am from the UK and I traded with Ashley Green. She made me very proud because now I can pay off my bills and go on vacation with my family thanks to her!!

    Bank Manager by Andrew Markusson:

    I spoke to Mr Adam Sterling and this guy knows his stuff.

    I checked him out and he is ONE OF THE top brokers of his time.
    I opened an account with him for $65,000 and within 6 months without taking a dime out, my account was at $92,365.

    He placed me in a Portfolio name PORTFOLIO 500 V.I.P



    Exporter by Harry JJ:

    I just want to say to people who lose with this company

    You did not listen. I opened an account with Doctor Sterling,yes doctor because he saved my life,my marriage and my home.

    I had a debt hanging over me and my wife hated me.

    I hustled up $15,000 and placed it with Adam, within 3 months I had enough to pay off my debts and take my wife on a wonderful 2nd honeymoon...thanks Adam.

    Adam Sterling is number one in my books.


    realtor by Kyle P:

    I am living right now without debts , without headaches,without problems.

    And all this because I listened and was taught how to become a successful trader....my broker was Adam Sterling.

    This man is a god send.

    I funded my account with all I had $35,000, within 8 months, I was putting down a down payments on my first house.

    I have just not funded more with Adam and it is growing like a new tree.

    God bless you Mr Sterling.

    retired lawyer. by Fred A:

    You must really stupid to invest any where else.





    Looks like i lost $250 out of nowhere from these scumbags...its okay as if i donated the money for burial and funeral....thanks

    Mr by ralfs reinholds:

    Hi does any one knows Catherine Jones from Vx markets?She offering big profits for deposit 2500.Dont know trust her or not?

    u guys saved my three months grocery by waarto:

    this lady call me and told me all kinds of crap. I almost sign up for it lol. I ask her what is the disadvantages of this, she ignored me and start talking about something else, that how I know something is wrong. I told her that I don't have enough money in my account. she said can complete it when i have the money. tha name is waarto,,,,, peace

    Doubts by Shantle:

    Hi, does anyone know Ignatius Williams from Vx Markets? Got an email from him however am having doubts.

    After reading comments I will NOT invest. Thought it was a free system

    total scam by Nassire:

    Hi vxmarket is 100% total con artist.
    I just made big mistake and donated 250usd.
    What can we do about destroying this scam company. Any ideas please list.

    Gave every details on mycredit card to Angela tho and know i think im fucked up

    by McBongni:

    Hi all thnakyou so much for your precious advice .
    I was nearly lured into donating my hard earned cash to these online scum bags.
    I found got a wrong feeling when Angela asked for my credit card details even when I said I didnt have much money in my account to meet the minimum requirement of $250.
    I said I wanted to deposit the money the next day but she said she wanted the money to be deposited today... something fishy was going on,,,thank God my senses were right and avoided it...

    Pelatakos1 by Louk papet:

    I have made an account but i never give 250 euros for that.they called me 10 times intil today and i dont know when they stopped calling me.
    We spoke at first times 2-3 hours i dont know
    I ask patrick one question only
    What is the way and how you get the money from ??he gave me irini to soeak with her about it.
    She told me thats a got question . .hahahaha
    She started talking about vx market and is been 10 days now .and i still have the same question!!!!
    Everybody in a comments i read tells that all the trades are fake and telling you that infortunately you lost your money.
    And taking from one to another account.
    All the money belongs to someone but somebody loses and somebodys wins
    This is like betting . . :-)

    Alex Harvey by Gambit:

    anyone knows Alex Harvey from VXMarkets?
    after reading the comments, i think i made a mistake.
    did everyone submit National ID, Passport and Credit Card copies to them?


    Mr by Ag:

    Vx markets. is a bad company, cannot be trust,
    don't involve any busines with them. they cheated me

    Hi guys. Just made the mistake of signing up with VXMarkets and still kicking myself. They wanted all this private information, and like an idiot I actually sent it. They wanted proof of where I live and they are asking for a bank statement. I have allready sent copy of my I.D and photo of Visa card(supposedly to prove that I am who I say I am) Can anyone advise me what to do now! Do I go to the police?

    by Not Happy:

    Do not get sucked into VX Markets there trading advise is terrible only just got my money back took ages all the promises of large profits plus they try to control the trades i tried to seel a couple to a least recoup the investment and they lock me out.
    steer clear of Ashley Green/Catherine Jones they will spend all your money if not carefull

    Dont Trust Them!!!

    Vx markets is a scam. First of all there not lovated in london like they say they are.... there in ramat gan in israel. They have only been around for a year and are expanding now from peoples hard earned money.
    save your money.

    by alan:

    Go look at "Companies House " in UK before deciding mmmmmmm This is a free listing portion, you will need to pay to see more but good enough for me.


    Suspicious by Veronica Marilena Vochina:

    I came across this broker upon researching home-based online income opportunities and actually found a positive review on them: http://www.financereportsonline.com/guy-makes-6000-month-from-home/index.php?clickid=2937861161&s1=192002&s2=19266400&s3=xxxs3xxx&aid=maxhigher, and became interested. Signed up for more info, not to open an account at was rung up 18 times by an annoying agent at inappropriate times, after 22:10 o'clock and sent a couple of emails to complete my account. Became suspicious, I think a respectable company does not take this aggressive approach with potential customers. Did some more research and found negative reviews on them. Emailed them to ask if they were licenced and regulated, but no reply. Missed their call again the next day and never heard from them since.

    scam? by kiddo:

    As soon as I had signed up I was bombarded by aggressive agents/brokers harassing me for a bigger deposit. Being new to trading I simply said I wanted a demonstration on how to trade first as I didn't have more money to deposit. I was then referred to yet another aggressive broker who kept pressurising me for more money! that's when I decided I wanted out so I wrote an email asking for my money back. Was told to log into my account, and request a withdrawal. Been trying to log in for a week, the website just wont let me log in - it just freezes! It doesn't matter whether im using a computer, a tablet or a laptop. Whats happening??

    vxmarkets.com Scam by Jack:

    Beware of this company vxmarkets.com, they will just grab all your money with their stupid strategy.

    Vx markets Scam by Colin:

    I deposited 250 US dollars or 314 aud thesecreeps took it off me don't waste your money when I checked my account it was 14 bucks all gone without my consent they are fraudsters

    mr by dudley parker:

    got sucked in vx markets have lost $30000.00 deverstated !!!

    Vx scam by George:

    Don't b fooled there persistence says it all if you want anything in life you have to go and get it and they want our money

    VXmarkets by Jami:

    Can you find out whether this company is regulated?

    vxmarkets.com is not regualted by Shawn:

    I am sure this broker is not regulated. You can see there is no registration details mentioned in their website.

    vxmarkets.com are frauds by Ken:

    vxmarkets are scammers. They are not a reliable broker, please stay away from them.

    A dodgy time by Ms Sensible:

    I got a text message from a company called Gemini 1 and as soon as I watched the video link and inserted my email and name i got a call from VX Markets, I got a call from a girl called Alma Saunders, She advised i deposit 250AUD and il make more money and can withdraw anytime, i told her i dont believe and i dont have money she said to contact her when i have money, lol but after reading all the negative reviews here... I wont be contacting this company.. thanks for the feedback guys.


    Thank you so much for saving me. I even received call this afternoon (+442036952915) check if it same number. May god bless you all.

    by Bernadette nanlal:

    Hey alma Saunders, I am sorry I don't have the money to trade, so I am kindly asking for you to send Bach my deposit I made of $ us 250 please.

    vxmarkets discussion by Napi:

    Bernadette - Please do some part time job and make some money. I am sure you will make good money by trading.

    Vxmarkets by Mad:

    I also have been trade in vxmarket. They keep calling me, ask me to deposit money for trading. Told me i'll have a better life and ur money will growing. I am not sure wether its true or not. Anyone can help?

    vxmarkets chat by Fifer:

    No. please see all the reviews and never plan to invest with them.

    forgotten password by Adama Achimi Candiduse:

    hi my introducers name is Mr. Jack Frost. I registered last year after my registration my email was block I had no access to market platform I called this for and complain nothing had been done till today the worst of it I forgotten my password I can't trade. l am a police rank and fill I don't have money please let some body put me through.

    by Johan:

    I invested $19000,00 with VXMarkets and Adam Sterling was my account manager. He lost my money within two weeks.
    Since June 2015 I was given 5 more account managers and their senior analyst AND all of them disappeared without
    a explanation. Their management is not replying to my emails.

    by Michael:

    I opened a demo account with them and they called me once maybe twice...
    i said no and that was it.
    no one tried to "Lure" me in.

    Great Broker by James Goldman:

    I have made small profits with them and i always got my money back on time.
    plus, they are regulated by the International Financial Services Commission.
    so far i can recommend them.

    Not Fraud by Natali Gideon:

    I also think that Vxmarkets are pretty good compare to other scam brokers.

    Vxmarkets - not bad by Nate King:

    im with the guys above me, the review is false.
    Vxmarkets are actually regulated and trusted broker. not scam!
    i'm pretty satisfied with them

    SH by SH:

    We have given them US$5,000 and only received $100 back. I keep trying to contact them, and they are avoiding any contact and being so 'nice'...oh I now can see it is only a strategy to keep me going and putting more and more funds in. I am trying to gain a little control to get my money, they are so crooked. I have been doing research, they say they are located in UK, they are located in Marshall Islands and they are sneaky. Have absolutely NOTHING to do with them, you will be sorry as I am.

    by Boom:

    If only they can cross an ISIS member all our troubles would be over. Now that's KARMA.

    vxmarkets complaints by Lora:

    What a rubbish comment. Please stay discipline and make this world a better place to live.

    by Boom Boom:

    Well send my money and others back Lora and the world will be a better place and I will tell everyone you sent my money back. Watch this space.

    SHV by SH:

    Take me off this mailing list immediately!

    by Bang:

    If the POLICE can find underage porn why the hell cant they find these robbers and close them down, these kind of scams should be on mainstream news.
    lets get together and find these scammers.

    jarvis formula by FND:

    hi, has anyone here signed up on jarvis formula which has vxmarkets as its recommended broker?

    VXmarkets by Tim:

    Keep away from this company. They only want your money. Ashley Green, my broker sweet talked me into investing £12,500 and I have lost the lot. I was totally broke at that time and I thought that this company could make money for me. Lost my house because i could not pay my mortgage. Devastated.

    Stay Away fr Jarvis Formula / VX Markets (Megan Ross) by FND:

    i opened an account with jarvis formula for $250. their recommended broker was vx markets. the vx markets broker that contacted me was megan ross. before i realized, they'd already done 3 tradings at a losses, leaving my balance at $154.50. the jarvis formula video promised that their broker, ie vx markets in this case, would match my deposit with 100% bonus and do the the 1st 5 risk-free tradings at a profit. well, none of that happened. megan ross was trying very aggressively persuading me to put in more money, some $5k, which i didn't go ahead. just checked my account at jarvis and the balance is now $0! also, i couldn't access my vx markets account anymore. it keeps saying the site is under some upgrading or migrating work. wow, what a team of scammers and fraudsters!

    Vx markets by Richard E-W:

    I joined vx in 2015, April.Ashley Green was my broker. We became very close friends. By sept 2016 I had £320000 in my a/c, Ashley tried to get me £60000 back, but Ian Atkins, so called finance manager Refused. I had been I've some bonus money, so you have to turnover 30x those amounts. Between early October and 1 st week in Jan 2017, 2 analysts and Atkins lost me 60k, 95k and 51k .Sadly, Ashley's trades had lost me 28k. She left in Dec30, pregnant. I am now £252000 down, plus all bonuses, but Atkins still wants the turnover before allowing me any withdrawal. £6 million turnover!! I'm broke now. BEWARE.NEVER TAKE BONUSES.AVOID VX MARKETS.

    Olymp Trade Trading Platform is rigged? by FND:

    i'm trading on olymp trade trading platform. i think their trading platform is rigged and manipulated to cause you to lose your trades. it happened to me 4 times since i began trading with them in mid-feb. in all occasions, i was on the last 1 or 2 trades to win but their trading platform suddenly asked me to "restart now" and was buffering which distracted and made me to lose my trades. i lost about $600+ the 1st time; about $1,200+ the 2nd time, about $300+ the 3rd time, and today another $1,200+. i've written numerous complaints to no avail, asking them to return my trading losses but they've been silent about it. anyone has the same experience with olymp trade?

    vxmarkets review by Anonymous User:

    Oh My God so many people complaining about VXmarkets and still they are performing, it is really sad.

    Brigade against VXmarkets

    I know exactly what VXMarkets operation is all about. All those names mentioned Ashley,Alma Saunders,Adam Sterling and Angela Griffin are all bogus names. Everything in the comments are all very true. All they wanted was to rob off people's hard earned money. We can gather together to stop all of these.

    If you want this company to stop their scams send me an email. [email protected]

    Brigade Against VXMarkets

    They are not based in London nor in Israel.
    They are just in Asia under the name of a local company. Send me an email for your complaints and I will give all the details.
    Let's stop these culprits and theives.

    [email protected]

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