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Consumer Complaint ID: CCN01330418

FX Broker Published date: April 1, 2016 Add to watchlist
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I made a very good profit on my trading account so the company decided to give me bonus money as promised. I wanted to withdraw my bonus money as it was showing in my account but when I requested the company they denied me my money. They told me I lost my bonus amount as I suffered loss which was completely false. They cheated with my bonus money.

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    by Andreng:

    I like their no deposit bonus, especially now that they increase it in $300. It will be enough for new traders to use as a capital. And make profit from it.

    by Birador:

    Ik bijna minder dan een jaar gebruiker van ForexMart, kon ik zeggen dat hun Customer Service Support Group zijn echt goed. Omdat ik ervaar eens moeilijkheden in mijn bonus terug te trekken en ik weet niet wat te doen. Daarom heb ik besloten om gericht aan hun support groep en ze onmiddellijk beantwoordde al mijn vragen en helpen me om mijn bonus te kunnen opnemen.

    by Dim:

    I've been trading for less than 1 year with ForexMart, but until now they never disappoint me and they always keep me satisfied, especially when they are giving me good service. And I really like their No deposit Bonus because when I am new in this broker and I tried it, I surprise because I got $60 Bonus.

    by Jei:

    I have been with this broker for 6 months now. My experience so far has been a good one. The spreads seem good and i got my bonus after my deposit.

    by Apple:

    They are reliable and transparent in every service they provide. Non deposit bonus is a great opportunity to start trading without money! I requested it and I only had to pass the levels of verification.

    by Ashley:

    "ForexMart is a good broker and its fame is well deserved, they always care about its clients, offering a wide range of services, for example the bonuses of 30%. The customer service is well-trained. Their representatives know how to deal with their clients.

    by Eneko:

    Su servicio al cliente es excelente y el departamento de contabilidad es también muy eficaz. Los gráficos son buenos si se toma su tiempo

    by Charisse:

    ForexMart provide me a good trading experience. This Brokers allow me to earned profit morethan that I expected. Because after I open an account in No deposit Bonus, I tried to join Moneyfall contest. Luckily because i won in their contest. So I am now waiting my Bonus and at the same time expecting my price from the Contest Trading that I joined in.

    GOOD by Sarem:

    good payment options and a good broker that gives us chance to trade with no deposit bonus.

    by Hoba:

    just a newbie to this broker, still on demo account and got to received a $80 bonus last month. I did use it to open a new account with them. so far so good.

    by Akira:

    I really enjoy trading with ForexMart, because of their friendly user website and platform, they have excellent and great customer service support group. They will address your concerns immediately.

    by Ashanti:

    I contacted their customer support regarding my account and they respond promptly. They are courteous and answered my questions thoroughly.

    by Lexa:

    Mientras estaba esperando por mi bono me apunté al concurso Cascada de dinero y gané el segundo premio, con los $ 300 que añadire a mi cuenta . Esto es una doble ganancia puedo tener bono más mi premio en el concurso.

    by Warren:

    Their tools are very helpful. Before I trade, I always check their calendar to know the current trends.

    by Lasse:

    Ich habe ein Konto bei forexmart seit vielen Jahren und jedes Mal, wenn sie ihre Website zu aktualisieren, es ist besser als die letzte. Ich mag die Firma und ich hoffe, ich kann es für den Handel fortzusetzen.

    by Achille:

    They offer many possibilities for a trader. Their set of trading instruments is enormous. They also have almost no minimum deposit requirement, which helps a lot, when you’re a newbie like me. I’ve done some testing and now I’m confident to invest some more.

    by Gerrit:

    Ich kontaktierte ihre Kunden-Support in Bezug auf mein Konto, und sie reagieren prompt. Sie sind höflich und beantwortete meine Fragen gründlich.

    by Shaine:

    ForexMart is the best among all brokers! Support are always ready to help me in any of my questions as I was learning to trade. Platform is easy to learn and very intuitive. I started trading on the right away and I would recommend ForexMart to anyone.

    by Minchin:

    I did use $40 bonus i received from them to start trading after 4 days it profit $30. today i’ll try my luck to get even more. i just hope i will.

    demo account by Matthieu:

    Leur compte démo a un double but que vous pouvez gagner à travers leur argent automne concours et dans le même temps que vous pratiquez avant d'aller à un trade.This en direct est une approche de génie.

    by SAunakoh:

    After 2 weeks received $100 from this broker finally. maybe i can use it to start my trade.

    by sally:

    I started trading 10 months ago and my withdrawals are fast, executions or orders, fast, none glitch platform MT4, and helpful support.

    by stephen:

    I was satisfied with the services provided ForexMart. Every time I contacted customer support, they respond directly what I asked. Trading is always smooth and no problems.

    by meagan:

    Just registered last week with this broker, so far so good. now i'll try to apply for no deposit and let see if how much i can get. i just hope it can be use to trade.

    by Arrah:

    Ik Toen begon te handelen , HAD ik geen eigen strategie, maar met hun dagelijkse prognoses , trading tools en rubriek "For Beginners " in haar the website of met veel informatie , bouwde ik mijn eigen strategie stap voor stap .

    by Niek:

    De bonussen waren zeer behulpzaam, vooral hun no deposit bonus. Echt hielp me uit als ik ben bang om geld uit te werpen in het begin.

    by Andy:

    I am using MT4 platform in my HP laptop. It works fast and easy to navigate. I recommend this platform in trading Forex.

    by Dmytro:

    Багато варіантів депозитів та виведення це означає, що дуже доступно для торгівлі з ForexMart.

    by Vasilisa:

    Brilliant брокер вы не можете применить бонус без депозита и бонус 30% всего за один счет, который будет использоваться.

    by Zaraht:

    Tot nu toe heb ik nooit problemen gehad met mijn ForexMart uit effectenrekening evenals in mijn opnames. De verwerking van mijn nieuwe rekening was zeer snel

    by Nadine:

    ForexMart never disclose my personal information or use it in any other means. I choose them as my broker because I am sure enough that they are not money makers rather they are much concern about their client’s privacy.

    by Johan:

    Like their analytics on the forums.

    by Frédérique:

    I waited for a long time for my no deposit bonus but with the good explanations of customer support and consistent follow-up I got it already and starting to trade. I hope it will last for a long run and I will never regret to choose them as my new broker.

    by Nikki:

    I like how ForexMart makes it simpler and easier to trade Forex. Everything I need is offered by this broker.

    forexmart complaint by Rahim:

    forexmart is not a good broker. Just stay away from it

    by Deborah:

    I just don't know why there's some people saying negative about this broker. For me they are reliable. they make sure that your concerns are being assist by their support. I the problem is on the trader already.

    by Maude:

    ForexMart's customer support is available any time of the day, so even if I inquire in the middle of the night I get an answer almost immediately.

    forexmart review by Koren:

    forexmart are doing great work and I would like to invest with them soon.

    fx by Adam:

    This company has been a pleasure to work with, opened my account the same day and their live support helped me place my first orders.

    by LowTrade:

    Like their analytics on the forums and bonuses! Recommend!

    fx by Erox:

    I used their tools in trading and they are a big help to give me clearer positions in trading.

    by wency:

    I was surprised when I got a welcome bonus from ForexMart after depositing my initial capital! Thank you ForexMart!

    by Kevin:

    I am satisfied with this company and I have made a good profit. Thanks forexmart

    by Riyuki:

    ForexMart has really low margin requirements and tight spreads. I can now maximize my capital thanks to ForexMart.

    Like ForexMart by Blessed:

    The main reason I have chosen Forexmart (besides the positive reviews) is the great work of the support team.

    Bonus by Rika:

    I waited for a long time for my no deposit bonus but with the good explanations of customer support and consistent follow-up I got it already and starting to trade. I hope it will last for a long run and I will never regret to choose them as my new broker.

    recommended by Ryo Hermawan:

    Do not immediately register without reading read the terms and conditions. those who say this broker is scam are people who do not have money and just want bonus and when it started they not read the terms and conditions first. If you are to lazy to read, you can contact their
    customer support.
    I've been trading in forexmart for 8 months, until to now, i never experienced a problem, if anything happen, I directly ask to customer support, after that, they immediately resolved my problem.

    Query by Hari:

    Ryo Hermawan: - Please let me know is it safe to invest with them as I am looking for a good broker.


    TRADING is never easy but with the right strategy it is,I admit I lost
    so much before just like so many, until i got this Life-changing strategy I'm using for
    some years now, I have also seen to it that I help people achieve
    too I thank all those who shared their success stories. Am willing to
    contribute my quota, send in your e-mails at [email protected] and
    receive prompt response

    To Hari by Ryo Hermawan:

    so far I have not experienced any problems in trading. Forexmart regulated by CySEC, FCA, AMF, BaFin, Consob. When doing any registration we will be asked to complete the file, if the file we send incomplete, forexmart will not approve our registration. For the registration process will be aided by the support forexmart, for more details you can directly contact the them at email: [email protected]

    forexmart good service by Anonymous user:

    It seems that Forexmart really has one of the best customer service and they are very responsive.

    Good Broker by Danu:

    I did not have any problem with this broker. infact i'm 100% satisfied with them! they have good customer service and all the company staff is online all the time and i get to talk to them any time i want. cant ask for better!

    Be smart by Simon:

    Before you say this broker is not good, you should confirm to the support. Perhaps an error occurs or there are rules that inadvertently violated. This kind of thing often happens, give a bad review to the relevant broker, when an error is made by the trader.During my trading with forexmart, I do not have serious problems, and I satisfied with the services provided. there are a few things into my consideration before i end up using
    this broker, Forexmart regulated and licensed, trading platform used MT4 is recognized internationally,
    the support forexmart quick in providing good feedback via email or live chat.

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