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WittyTrades.com Complaint Good or Bad ?

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Consumer Complaint ID: CCN01344042

Stock Market Published date: July 18, 2016 Add to watchlist
  • Country: Others

Name: WittyTrades.com

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I am plaining to subscriibe to wittytrades.com Please tell me if it is good or bad.I have heard that is is really good and not fraud like other providers.I have heard that they have a good success rate as informed by my friend.please comment your experiance.


Dhawan G Posted:

I am subscribed to WittyTrades.com since last 5 month and they are really good.

I have experienced a accuracy of roughly 80-90% and genrally they give 1 tip per day.

i am happy with their services so i will suggest yuo to consider them if you are a trade


Mannan Shah Posted:

WittyTrades ke service acchi hai.unka customer support theek thak hai magat tips acche hai


Vaishali Posted:

I am also a trader in stock markets for intraday and have subscried to WittyTrades since last 2 months

i am happy with their services


Sandeep R Posted:

yes i agree with you all.

i have tried atleast 12 stock tips provider till now and the best one that i have had a good experience is WittyTrades.com

atleast they will make sure you make no loss.what to say about others....

i have had an success rate of around 85% in last 3 months and am happy with their tips

i must also confess that i have made some good profits on thewir tips - touch wood heeeee


good night to all.........


Gurmeet Chadda Posted:

I also like WittyTrades and would rate it as one of the best and genuine stock tips provider i have come across.

frankly their customer care is not very good but what matter is the tips and advice is receive and that is really good.

so i will give it a 4.5 starts on 5


Vinay Agarwal Posted:

last month i have subscreibed to WittyTrades and this has been their performance

received total of : 22 tips in last 1 month

profitable tips were: 18 tips in last Full month

no profit no loss tips were : 2 tips in last Full month

loss making tips were : 2 tips in last Full month

so that is good accuracy - keep it up guys.......


Rakesh M Posted:

WittyTrades.com is the best and most accurate stock tips provide i have come accross.

friend i too will like to share my experince with WittyTrades.com

i had subscried to WittyTrades 4 months back and am really impressed with their services.

they will give you only 1 tip per day but that 1 tip will be accruate enough to make money.

they claim accuracy of 95% but i think it is close to 85-90% only...which is not bad.

since i work in bank it is not possible for me to track live rates but this problem is solved as WittyTrades will always give a follow up on the tips sent by a sms

so if you wish to take help of any tips provider then i will suggest you to try our their services.

good day


Ravish J Posted:

Yes Boss,

I agree WittyTrades.In is the BEST TIP PROVIDE In INDIA.

I too am their Client Since Past 1 Year and Have been able to Create Wealth even in Turbulant Market Conditions.


Their Best Feature is that they Care for ure Capital and Value it as their own.

Again they give Only 1 Call at a time and Make sure it is Accurate.


As far as i know they have some Corporate and Institutional Sources for News and thus they are able to give such Briliant Tips for Intraday.


I was also Introduced to this Website via an SMS and Further WittyTrades.In was also Reccommended by my Trusted Friends….So i Subscribed.

And as u said it was a Life Changing Decision.

Even though i was already Subscribed to WittyTrades when u posted this Article – Still – i will thank you for Enlighting variuos other small and HNI traders about this Fantasfic Service Provider.

I wish them Luck and Hank them and Finally – Keep up the Good work guys……..


Accha to hum Chaltee haiiii


Tejpreet Singh Posted:

yes i too find WittyTrades.com as one of the few genuine tips providers in markets.

i had subscribed to thier services in month of november 2013 and since then i hav renewd their services till day.

the best part is that they will give only 1 tip per day and generally that 1 tip is accurate.

over all i am very satisfied with their services and if you want you can try their services.


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    by Anand Modi:

    Yes wittytrades.com is one of the good companies for stock tips.......

    best of luck


    by Sahil Shah:

    i had also subscribe to wittytrades.com whi was in india last year.

    They are really good and i made some good profit.thankfully they are not fraud like many companies online.


    raj by raj kumar chourasia:

    maine one month ka option pack liya tha. company ne form submit karne me hi 20 day laga diye. mujhe 7 day ki service mili.... compay apne website par alag stock dikhati hai. our cliant ko alag service deti hai.... 7 day service me 3 target. 1 no loss no profit and 3 sl wali service thi... our company apna tracsheet website me bhi nahi dikhati....

    by raj by raj kumar chourasia::

    sorry meri galti thee.Muju samjaya gaya ki mein kya galat samaj raha tha.mein apni galat baat wapas leta hoon.
    yeh loog acche hai.

    Something is difference than all comments by Chittaranjan:

    I had searched about this website wittytrades.com everywhere nice reviews but i am seen peoples telling subscribed since last 3 yrs...5 months etc etc but i seen that website domain age is only 24 Days.. What is this clerify it !

    by by Chittaranjan::

    My Mistake ignore, they are a genuine company.

    Someone comment in my name by Chittaranjan:

    Who commented on behalf of me... I started with them to check their service... Will post their genuinity shortly... Its my real comment... But they are trying to post positive comments everywhere... Listen Mr prove urself with ur work not by faking comments...

    Be a fake compny by Rakesh:

    I got a free trial of this company but I had lost huge amount of money also they gave one more call but again loss my money so friends don't believe any fraud company study your own knowledge and invest.

    Performance of Tips by Viraj:

    i had also taken free trial of wittytrades.com and was satisfied.i am currently subscribed to their monthly pack since last 10 days and tips so far have been good.

    hope they continue with similar performance in future also.


    by Mohit J:

    Yes wittytrades.com provides good tips and is not fraud like many other companies.i have had a good experience with them sofar.

    by Chaitali Jain:

    wittytrades.com is not like other cheats in market.i have tried may companies in market like capitalvia capitalcow and stockhifi and many others.all are cheaters.

    i cam to know about wittytrades from my friend and subscribed and no complaint so far.all is good...Calls receive on time and success rate is good.

    by Gandhi Modi:

    Wittytrades.com is good.really thankful to them.
    No like other dubious organisations companies who are fooling investors.

    Really happy and thank ful to wittytrades.com for their excellent tips.

    first trail call gone wrong by anil:

    I got free trail from witty trade 2 weeks ago .first call itself gone wrong ,I ask to buy motherson sumi @ 345-347 level , after receiving the msg immediately it went to 352, then after 1hr around 11 pm it down to 319.
    and closed ard 325 levels on that day. the same day I got another call on adani ports to buy ard 256 but that call also gone wrong. I subscribed for free performance alerts, and I usually get the performance alert msg at ard 3-45 pm , but that day when their calls gone you never get any update on the performance alert. I called to customer care and asked why I did not get the performance update , they said there is a server problem, now you can think how genuine they are.this is my experience with wittytrades.

    Help Me decide by Dhananjay:

    Hi My name is Dhananjay, i am a trader as well and i plan to start subscribing to wittytrades.com services. I have recieved their calls and they seem to be accurate...but i would be thoroughly satisfied if i can speak to one of their customers like you over the phone. Just to be additionally sure about their services. Pls Let me know if any one can oblige me with their contact number and i would call back.

    Hope to recieve your support in making my decision. Thanks

    Suggestions by Chittaranjan:

    I m using their service from last 20 days took 1 month subscription... Not getting any good performance from their end, i also commented above that they doing some fake like they posting some fake positive comments... And also i found that they not giving SL hit messages and they also not provide any tracksheet in website.. after hit their SL of call provided they messaging keep for next day even they written in website that its purely intraday basis call...Not satisfied yet... Still i m in loss... their customer service too worst... i m still in loss using their recommendation... if i will in loss after 1 month subscription i will update here all about points of this company with proof...will give my mobile number also.. I subscribed because of i got a Message mr mohanish sanghavi will give calls... But not able to make profit following all calls of their...

    Suggestions by Ravish:


    you have subscribed to which pack from wittytrades.com?

    i have taken equity and stock futures pack of wittytrades.com and made decent profits.Dont know how their nifty pack is ? any idea ?

    excellent tips by Pankaj:

    hi i have also subscribed to wittytrades.com since 2months and their tips are really good.I am referring to their stock tips.customer care is like of any other company but what matters is their research and stock tips which is thank fully good.


    what is the good tips from witty trades . equity or commodity pls tell.

    by JatinB:


    i have subscribed to wittytrades.com for equity and Mcx commodity both packages.both are very good as per my experience of last 1 month.I don't know about nifty or options services.Atleast they are not cheats or frauds like many other such companies.

    This is my review.

    Stock option by Ashish:

    I want to take with take service in stock option today they give centurytex stock option tips how many charges is there can any body till

    Stock Options Performance by Prashant:

    hi ashish i am subscriber of wittytrades for stock options pack and it cost 8000 monthly.i have taken 3month pack at 18000 as it is costing less.i am happy with their tips and recovered my entire cost in 1 trade on century textiles last friday.Good going as of now.lets see whats in store in future.

    by .:




    please let me know , witty trades provide good calls? any one using their service, please share the experience?

    please let me know , niftysureshot provide good calls? any one using their service, please share the experience?

    please let me know , trade4target provide good calls? any one using their service, please share the experience?

    My Suggestion by Vaibhav:

    i have experienced wittytrades.com and niftysureshot.

    wittytrades.com is really good and i am still with them.

    niftysureshot - is pathetic as per my experience.

    by Vijendar:

    yes wittytrades.com is a decent service provider.


    Want to know about wittytrades.com by Somnath:

    I always ragister with witty trades . They sent me massege that our company ragister your mobile number we will provide you free demo but till today no tips from them then how to know about accuracy.

    by Ravish:

    i am their subscriber and must appreciate the service provider.Infact i will sat wittytrades.com is one of the most genuine stock tips provider i have come across in my 7 yrs of trading experience.

    by Pankil:

    i have also subscribed to wittytrades.com and am satisfied with their tips.made profit of aprox 72,000 in last month.

    they are good as far as accuracy goes but customer care is worst.

    i have earlier subscribed to the biggest fraud and cheater company capitalvia and mnade loss.

    atleast wittytrades give good profits.

    i will suggest you can consider wittytrades.com


    by Amar:

    hi this is amar from india.

    i am a subscriber of wittytrades.com since last 15 days and satisfied with their tips until now.

    It will criminal on my part to say that they are the best or worst as i have not tried many other providers but i am vouch for wittytrades.com based on my past 15 days experience.

    Please don't consider this as my review.

    ALL FAKE COMMENTS by Gauranga:

    Their customer executives giving comments here they also giving fake emails in email fields... Now come to the point I had subscribed their service last month first 2-3 calls hit stop loss even they not messaged anything after SL hit.. but after going into target they will say that book profit as and stay as per ur own risk... and same things going in second week they giving good calls hitting target as well as going also in loss... So i am saying that they are differ from written in website and reality.. I have full proof of their service if any one want to know can mail me.. and at Last I am in profit but its less than their charge... So final result is in loss and their customer executives also very bad.. First you wanna subscribe ask them performance of last month...


    For All of them who have submitted their views for Wittytrades.com its a request to you that (JO BHI POST KARO ORIGINAL KARO KISIKO DHOKA MAT DO)

    by jennymorgan:

    All thanks to john,for saving me and my husband from shame and debt.few months back after investing in some broker we lost up to $50,000 in just a month and it was very stressful and could not feed ourselves and had problem from people we owe money,until i came across john who helped me regain our money back and also thought us how to trade and right now,i make up to $10,000 in a 3 days.if you need help on trading and regaining of funds,contact [email protected]

    this for guaranga by jyoti:

    hello gauranga can u mail me the screen shot msgs of wittytrades??

    by Umapathy:

    Please help me friends whether i could subscribe witty trade,And how it works, will it gets profit?

    by Gaurav D:

    Hi Umapathy

    I am a subscriber of wittytrades.com and am satisfied as if now.

    Good luck.

    by Subhash:

    we have taken pack of wittytrades.com and it is good until now.

    I had also taken many other stock tip providers but all are cheats and frauds with no reputation.

    Till now in last 20 days wittytrades has really given good calls and that is their job.hope they keep with the good work

    by Subhash:

    we have taken pack of wittytrades.com and it is good until now.

    I had also taken many other stock tip providers but all are cheats and frauds with no reputation.

    Till now in last 20 days wittytrades has really given good calls and that is their job.hope they keep with the good work

    by pardeep wadhwani:

    sir mein aap ki company ko bahut baar call kiya hai mail kiya hai lakin kuch reply nahi aha raha hai mein aap ki company mein complint bhi kiya hai kuch reply nahi hai

    by Vikam Ahuja:

    i was with wittytrades.com 2 months back and have good decent accuracy.presently i have shifted from india due to my job but still will recommend them as the are not fraud like many other tip providers that i have come across.

    by Vikam Ahuja:

    i was with wittytrades.com 2 months back and have good decent accuracy.presently i have shifted from india due to my job but still will recommend them as the are not fraud like many other tip providers that i have come across.

    wittytrades services by Narendra tomar:

    Witty trades services for future and options is amazing and awesome . All target given by wittytrades are accurate. I impressed by wittytrades . Accuracy 95 percent . I earn decent profit by witty trades stock tips . For confirmation check my trading bils .

    by GaneshB:

    Wittytrades is decent as per my experiance.

    Giod experience so far.plz dont consider this as my review.

    wittytrades: Not good to enroll by Ravi Rajan:

    I took trail call, which worked well. from the same day I was getting their performance SMS daily where they were showing profit of 15k to 30K on daily basis. Looking their performance for a month on my SMS, I enrolled for Sept'16 and then I found that their success rate is 50-60%, so whatever is earning, you are going to lose in loss call and overall I am in loss now. not going renew for next Month.

    Service is as usual pathetic, even paying the money. My services was start after 3 days and getting no proper communication from them.

    WittyTrades.com Review by Jack:

    WittyTrades is really good. I have also subscribed and I am satisfied with their trades and tips.

    One of the Fraud service by Gunjan:

    I dont know about who telling their service is good.. but after one month 12 days of service i am closing their service even wasted my subscription fees of 3 month day by day my capital losing only... Be careful who are thinking to subscribe their service.. i am not recommending them.. almost 24% capital i loose... Very bad experience

    WittyTrades.com Review by Flurp:

    WittyTrades is the best company to trade.

    WittyTrades by AT:

    Hi, can anyone who is associated with WittyTrades.com contact me as I am planning to subscribe with them. [email protected]

    It is the worst service provider by Dhananjay:

    Dont trust them. they are the worst service providers. I had recently joined their services. In one week just out of the 8 calls received only 1 has hit the target. 4 have hit SL and 3 were told to be carried forward (they were SL as well)

    This is the second week and 5 calls received, 2 have not even reached target but they told to exit. 3 SL

    If you pay them you loose your capital and your morale.

    by ronak:

    Friends subscribe for one month. Don't do trade first check the accuracy for ten days....

    Fake service provider by Satish:

    Never trust this guy's & reviews. They changed website every year. Previously One smart trade & now wittyttade.com. They didn't provide accurate tips. Never share correct result on site. This is fake site. No customer care support, no refund.

    WittyTrades is cheater by Ravi Kumar:

    I subscribe WittyTrades in Sept from 15th Sept 16,Till today their most of the calls are super flop.

    They send a call like -
    Buy TCS @2500 SL 2450 Target 2550.

    Note - their risk and reward has no difference. More worst is they get the call closed always before hitting the target, but all losing closed at SL only..

    So losses are always more than earning. So if you have 3 Lakh, be sure to wiped out in a month time.

    WittyTrades Stock Tips are goood by Gurmeet K:

    I am a subscriber of wittytrades.com since last 2 months and ia have not received any tcs call.Above guy seems to be lying.

    I am happy with wittytrades.com services and accuracy and have decent gain during my subscription period.so please dont spread lies abount good companies.

    by Kunal M:

    hello to all

    i am also subscribed to wittytrades.com since last 15 days and tips have been decent until now.Have made some decent profit until now.

    Hope the good performance continues.ill keep u all update for their future success rate by end of my month.

    by Vikram:

    I had subscribed to there options basic segment but some days tips are good and some days it's horrible after my month service taken from I feel hardly accuracy is 50% and I am in loss.when there tip goes well in that day I make 5000 and the day it fails I lose 15000

    by Vikram:

    i take back my words.......made very good profits.thank you.

    WittyTrades Complaint Resolved by Moderator 2:

    As seen in the chat forum, many Users have asked to take the complaint back. So we would like to CLOSE the complaint.

    they r pathetic by Urvashi:

    Really bad intraday tips dont subscribe lost 60k in one month

    Worst by AJITKUMAR:

    worst service since 1 month all calls are in losses big losses

    lost 5 lacsse avoid... I lost 5 lacs in 15 days pleaseeeeeee avoid they are big fraud

    WittyTrades.com review by Jack:

    Do not subscribe WittyTrades.com they are frauds. Pathetic service.

    Worst service by Chittaranjan:

    One of the worst service are not commiting their service as they told before subscription.. I have commented before also they are worst... And number one in loose ur money...

    by Parth S:

    unlike my above 2 friends i have had a very good experience with wittytrades.com.

    in last 20 days of my subscription, i have received around 18 profitable calls, which is really good.

    It may have been helped by good market conditions too.

    i dont know if above 2 persons are really subscribers for wittyttades as jack seems an non indian name or cooked up name.so please comment for genuine experiences only.

    by Vikas Patel:

    i agree with mr parth.We should not maline name of a genuine good company.

    i am also subscribed with wittytrades since last 2 months and have made good gains.atleast better than what i would have made using my brains...haaaaaaa

    i have tried many providers earlier and all were pathetic, even in rising markets.but my experience with wittytrades has been really satisfying and good.

    hope they keep up the good work.


    by Khanna J:

    wittytrades.com accha tips deta hai.muje accha laga tha.

    by Amar P:

    i have subscribed to wittytrades since last 15 days and am very satisfied with their tips.Good and timely tips i will say.

    in fact i started trading 1st time with wittytrades and have made good gains so far.

    Unfortunately i will have to leave for London next week due to my job, else would have continues with them.

    will rejoin once back in india.

    by Prasad S:

    i am also subscriber of wittytrades.com and am satisfied until now.


    Better than witty Traders.com by Rajesh:

    Hi i have seen a post on FB and Twitter of NPTC PROFIT. It really rocksss.And they provide only one sure call but 100% profit and iam really happy now.... You can also try them...
    Email ID:[email protected]

    by Senthilnathan:

    Yes rajesh i also subscribed NPTC PROFIT and really it is good..

    by Sushma:

    Hi guys the above mentioned NPTC PROFIT is good, Don't tell lies like (9791708644 is a virus) as Zorawar say's ?????

    witty trades by Deepaksharma:

    dear friends
    Those who trades with wittytrades can kindly post with prrofs.....its all been fake...posted by company people.....INVESTOR OR TRADER BEAWARE OF THIS FAKE PEOPLE.

    by Bharat:

    Hi All,

    I also want to avail Witty services, but i am little bit confuse between regular and Premium package. So will you please help me to get it clear.

    Bharat Kharbanda

    WittyTrades discussion by Shen:

    Hi Bharat,
    Please do a proper research before investing as it can be of great risk.

    Witty Trades - Strictly No by Dhananjay Bhat:

    Hi, Do email me so that I can send you the proof of how bad they are. I have tracked all the calls that they had sent me during my subscription.

    I had subscribed to their equity desk calls.

    from the calls, 62% of their calls are losses.
    only 10% calls hit the actual target
    21% of their calls are profit booking much earlier than the target.
    53% of their calls are always carried forward to 1 to 3 days..in which only 10% hit their target.

    by Manish Joshi:

    I have joined 10 day ago it's third class service.In 10 days only 2 days target archive on 10 days 1.0 lakh loss in 10 days

    WittyTrades review by Anonymous User:

    hey Manish - please ask for the refund of your money then.

    by Vijender:

    Bad comment
    I had subscription two weeks later. Which was started after 7 days of submitting KYC.
    Now in the two weeks I got 11 calls. Out of these 5 or 6 were loss making. In these 5 losses two were huge.
    Hope better ahead as old clients are saying 90% accuracy. But still my capital came to same as started.

    Not Satisfied with the Tips given... its waste by Suresh Kumar:





    It is for premium segment or trader packs.

    dont know

    by Witty Trade Current Review:

    Can anyone please tell the current performance of witty trade after currency demonetization. Thanks.

    WittyTrades review by Anonymous User:

    I dont think currency demonetisation has anything to do with broker services. yes, but it will surely impact the sales of the broker

    WITTYTRADES.COM by shivam alok:


    trad4target froďddddddd. by raju kumar:

    Trad4target totaly frod compuny.... 1 month 28 call 10 target and 18 loss... 80000 losses... big frod...

    by Rajesh:

    I have subscribed to wittytrades since past 1 week and tips have been excellent so far.hope it continues the same ways.

    by Mannan Shah:

    me to have subscribed to wittytrades.com since last 10 days and am satisfied as of now.Have tried many providers but this seems to be the only good one so far.Lets see what there in future....will keep posted.

    About Contact no. by Amol:

    All of you one request is pls give me your own numbers.

    by Manoj B:

    me too with wittytrades.com since last 20 days and have made decent gains.I have always made loss on my personal trades so this time i decided to go for wittrytrades.They give 1-2 tips daily and have seen good accuracy until now.will keep posted for future also.bye.

    waste advisory by aditi:

    They wont pick calls , they wort respond post payment .

    5 . 100 % fake , be aware .

    6. all the messages are fake , they are creating . for proof watch their calls closely you will understand .

    please be aware , please . lost 40000.

    Witty Trade - Fake recomendation by DEVASISH MUKHERJEE:

    I subscribed to the Options package for a month and 1 of every 20 call may achieve targets .Most of them are cost to cost exit or loss.Their claims of daily profit is fake.You may some how endup in recovering you fee else end up in loss.Pls do not subscribe.

    by Arjun S:

    i have also subscribed to wittytrades.com since last 10 days and calls are very good until now.Got approx 10 calls and 9 were successful.Hope the good work continues.


    is company mai paisa naa daaliye aaplog ye company paisa lene ke baad batamiji se baat karta hai hamara payment kiya hua 7 din ho gaya but koi bhi phone main sahi se baat nahi karta hai is company ka main complain cosumer form main bhi karne jaa raha hun KOI BHI IS COMPANY KO PAISA NAA DE

    WittyTrades scam by Moderator:

    This seems to be one of the largest scam from Asian countries.

    Bad calls by Milind:

    Lost big money during nov dec 2016. It seems they give random tips.

    WittyTrades Tips Subscriber by Mr Sharda:

    I don't know about other buy my experience with wittytrades has been good, until now.The bad thing is that it took 2 days to activate my services but the good thing is that after it was activated i have received some good trading tips (again until now).Last 10 days i have god aprox 10 tips of which 8 were profitable and 1 loss and 1 at cost.

    Lets see how it works in future.

    WittyTrades.com Fake and cheaters

    Don't subscribe to WittyTrades.com after seeing good reviews I have subscribed for Equity Desk looks like now I have wasted money they are sending after market hours fake messages. I am trying to reach them daily they are useless and third class people. After payment till now they have not given single tip. By god's grace I am safe now I think I lost only subscription amount. Please dont believe these third class people and waste your money. BIG NO to wittytrades.com

    WittyTrades scam by Anonymous User:

    WittyTrades.com - I really dont know why WittyTrades still haven't closed their websites.

    First Hand expeiance of Tips by Anmol Seth:

    i dont know why above some guys are calling wittytrades fraud as i have had a very good experiance with their tips.Yes their customer care is not the best but what matters most is the tips that they give and that is exellent.I have been a subscriber for last 3 months and have been very happy with their advice.

    Option or cash by Nikhil:


    Please tell me wittytrade which Sagment good option,equity cash??

    by Mangesh B:

    I suggest go for equity cash if u have capital of more than 50K

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    hello friends am williams from st kitts & nevi...