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FX Broker Published date: January 13, 2015 Add to watchlist
  • Country: Canada


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Don't trade with Trading212 broker. they are a scam broker. they will deliberately move the price up and down. Sometimes as per their mood they will manipulate the spreads 1 pip or 2 pips below or above the price. Ethics and honesty must be there with every broker in order to gain the confidence of the trader.

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    trading212 broker huge spreads by Bledi:

    You should rather go for some Broker who have lowest spreads as spreads plays a very important role in profit.

    trading212 huge spreads by Gilani:

    Absolutely correct, it is very important to choose a correct Forex Broker who has lowest spreads.

    trading212 huge spreads by Adam:

    I am new to trading, have been attracted by trading212 easy to use platform. Trying to find some background info on them to see how reliable they are. I noted the comments made above, could you recommend any other more reliable brokers

    Trading 212 - Feed back by Paolo Di Paolo:

    I've been testing the demo app for a while now. The app is very easy to use and YES the 'live' prices can vary.
    1. As long as they vary both up and down with the same difference = not an issue.
    2. Of course they earn their profit in the spread once you open a position. They also charge commission of 2 euro for sell AND buy of shares and interest if you leave certain positions open after the exchange closes. What's the issue? All charges are very clearly published!
    3. They have ALL relevant authorization from the financial institutions in most European countries.

    Ps. I have no connections with Avus Capital (the owner of Trading 212.

    high spread by tony toni:

    i like there platform but just don't like trading with them. they have high pips so it don't take much for your stop loss to be triggered because they put you so far back .they also charge for withdrawns . there main broker is avus capital

    by the broker:

    You are just trolling bullshit. trading212 are fca regulated and this you wrote is nonsense.

    by CFDTrader:

    Trading 212 are rock solid. I trade with them more than 2 years now. No problems at all. Highly recommend them.

    Somebody Recommend One With The Lower Spread by Zakes:

    I also have noticed that trades do not move in one spread. However, they have got a simple and good platform for beginners especially.

    Trading 212 are great. This site Trade Complaint looks suspicious.

    Trading 212 by George Carlin Fan:

    Trading 212 are okay. I have a demo with them. Soon I will go for a real account with them.

    by Yossuan:

    Trading212 is the best, honest and reliable broker what I ever saw and used.
    Only their services are at low level, because do not provide affliate programes, rebate program, swap-free accounts and money transfer via SKRILL.

    They added SKRILL recently, mate. :))))))

    Bad Market Maker by Mike:

    I was trading by this broker for a period of 3 years and i can say for sure that they scam people. I can even proof this statement and price manipulations from this market maker. I was trading with real money and my wins and losses were also real so i am talking about bad slippage, stoploss hunting, price manipulations etc, that they will do everything to make you lose again and again.

    Because this is what this kind of market makers do, taking al the money from the stupid retail traders like me before or maybe you.
    Avus Capital Ltd. is registered in Bulgaria (Register number 201659500). Avus Capital Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission (Register number RG-03-0237). (IN BULGARIA)

    This is standing on the site:

    "For your safety and in compliance with our regulations, all clients’ funds are kept separately in segregated bank accounts and are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, FSCS (Avus Capital UK Ltd.) and the Investors Compensation Fund, ICF (Avus Capital Ltd.).
    In the unlikely event of default, the FSCS compensation is up to GBP 50 000 and the ICF compensation is up to 90% (but limited to EUR 20 000) of the client’s funds. Each client will be compensated if one of our companies fails to comply with its obligations to the clients due to its financial state.
    If Avus Capital UK Ltd. fails to resolve a client’s complaint, the client has the right to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service, which may provide compensation up to GBP 150 000."

    So they are not regulated by the Fca or some other authority like the Bafin in Germany. So if you really have a problem with them like i do or you think that they work not correctly you can contact the financial ombudsman service in England and when you have done this you will get to hear that you have a contract with Avus Capital Ltd. which is registered in Bulgaria and they cannot take actions and they will say to you sorry we cant help you.. So think about it by your self! It was costing me 60 k but gave me a lot of experience and show me also another site and the bad players from the game which we are al playing.
    When i changed the broker everything else changed also...

    Greets Mike

    by Mark:

    This is an easy broker to get signed up with but I agree there is something not right about the trading.
    Spreads are totally ridiculous in some cases one time I was 100 pips up but still negative on the trade, watch your buy price like a hawk before you buy and same for selling.
    I am really confused with trading as I have a winning system but it is terribly difficult with this broker to make any profit.
    I tend to think they are sharks at this point and I wouldnt say this lightly as I was sold on the platform and ease of it at first.

    Something's a bit Iffy by Mike Jones:

    I'm fairly new to trading. I started trading with these guys a couple months back and moved to a live account last month. Whenever I trade the dummy account, using the same strategy as in live I ALWAYS more than triple my money. Yet as soon as this strategy is applied to the live account my losses are ernormous compared to my gains. It's really iffy the way prices move. Also if you trade live and demo accounts side-by-side You'll notice the charts differ. In my opinion it's a scam

    by Mr X:

    It's not a scam and the demo and real account are the same. Read about trading psychology and then comment. I trade with a real account and everything is perfectly fine.

    by Mark:

    It absolutely is not the same as the demo
    Spreads are manipulated everything is manipulated imo
    They are based in some dodgy country and say they are a london broker
    Trading 212 has over 1 million downloads well done guys someone is getting very rich

    Mr by Mark Jones:

    Mr X. You're either a dumbass or one of the thieving slimey fuckholes that work for trading 212. It's a scam. No 2 ways about it. The spreads are wider than your mum's bum cheeks on a saturday night on the town

    Hear Hear Mr. X. by Paolo:

    Dear Mark Jones,

    Mr X is right. There is absolutely nothing wrong with 212. Maybe many people who loose money blame everything but themselves?

    Interesting by John:

    Paolo / Mr X, have you been using it a long time? Do you make money? I'm new to trading and am steering toward T212 since its got a nice interface, seems decent and trading demo account I'm making very high returns

    Trading 212 or SaxoBank by Paolo:

    Dear John,
    I spent 6 months of 2014/2015 testing every APP out there. Even went to Sofia to check out T212. The only two companies that were left over after my investigations were Trading 212 and if you want to really buy stock: SaxoBank. Advantage of T212 is that your money is not with them but with a third party and is insured. If you use SaxoBank (they are a bank and your minimum inset is 10K euro) you are only covered for 100K euro. I tested T212 in Demo mode for 3 months and also sent them a massive amount of questions to ensure they were safe to use. Their Service is excellent, they answered all my questions fully, cleared up any misunderstandings and I went live in June of last year. I am now full time day trader (CFD's only) and only 'play' the DAX. REMEMBER: It's easier to lose money than earn it!!! But people who blame the APP are foolish.

    Ps. I have no connections with Trading 212 or any of their companies. These is my own opinion and should not be taken as advice on how to make money.

    BLah Blah blaaa by Day T:

    Guys if you have issues just stop trading and work in a shop...some people make money and some people loose money. dont blame the LIVE! spread. however, concerning trading 212 they also say they simulate the spread on weekends thats just so people can still trade..with that being said, people still make money and loose money.
    My problem is that some people read these comments and get discouraged about trading because of these "conspiracies". Just try it yourself the demo is free!!

    by ✌️:

    I'm new to trading and want to no how to get started and what should I use cheers. If anyone could help me train get in touch cheers

    by Mr T:

    Nonsense T212 isn't registered with FCA. Which there's no means of getting any penny back if it all goes horribly wrong.

    Unhappy Mr. T by Paolo:

    1.2. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom (the “FCA”). Our FCA register number is 609146. You can check this on the Financial Services Register by visiting the FCA's website:, or by contacting the FCA at 0800 111 6768. The FCA's registered address is 25 The North Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5HS. References to the FCA shall include any successor, governing or regulatory body that may replace, supersede or take over any of the functions of the FCA

    Guys, this tradecomplaint website look like a complete bogus to me. I think they only use it to earn money via the adds and provoke people like us to generate content and thus, help this bullshit website index better on search engunes - hence, more exposure to their adds. I'm in online marketing and this is the case in my opinion. They troll us with provocative topics and comments. I don't believe a single accusation addressed on tradecomplaint. In fact, I strongly recommend reporting this website.

    Scam or Real by Aazam Khan:

    Please guide... Is it real or scam

    Real, of course.

    Are you serious? Real, of course.

    by Real, of course.:

    I mean Trading 212 is legit. No doubt. This website ( seems suspicious, on the other hand.

    Too good to be true by Isaac:

    I started using trading 2 days ago so clearly I shouldn't be an expert in trading, however, using a practise account on trading 212 Ihave already managed to turn the 10k that I was given into 42k. I'm pretty sure this shouldn't happen but it did.

    I'm guessing that they want us to think that it is very easy to make loads of money with trading 212 so that we start a real account and give them money.

    Trading Psychology

    Isaac, have you ever heard about trading psychology? I can be quite certain you haven't otherwise you were never gonna post such an ignorant comment, mate. :)))))))) Please educate yourself and then post comments online. Now all you do is confuse novice traders which is not in their favour. Peace outtt!

    It's about the value of money in your mind... by Paolo:

    Dear Isaac,

    There is NO difference between demo and live within the Trading Platform 212.

    The only thing that changes when moving from demo to live is your 'mindset'!

    But as long as you cover your risk, you rarely lose!

    See my other articles above.
    Good luck Trading Live!

    T122 by Enock:

    I have been demo trading T212 the site is good and i am moving live next month..

    Mr by Mandla:

    After reading all these comments I am left with some unanswered questions which include the fact that is there any possibility for a manipulation in trends and that is it a scam then if it is a scam, how ? I ve been using a demo account for the past 5 weeks and I made a profit and I had losses but I gained more needed experience and I am preparing to start trading a live account, but I also have to stress that if you check all other trading companies, you are getting divergent views which makes me wonder if its there any company which is free from all kinds of accusations, the only answer to this is that each and every person must deal with his problem and a his trading company may be that will solve other unneccessary problems.

    Mandla, if you are looking for a reliable information, is the worst place on Earth to look for. :)

    *to look at.

    Answer Mandla by Paolo:

    See my other posts, but I ran netdania (live feed from DAX) along side Trading212 DAX. NO manipulation seen. But remember emotion and real money does not work the same as demo money. 90% of retail traders loose, 5% make a living and 5% become rich.

    I think it's a SCAM by Something is NOT right with T212:

    Hello everyone, I've was trading DEMO and then I opened a live account and I can say something is very wrong because with the Demo I was making money and with the live account it looks like every time I take a trade the price moves the other direction like crazy. Then when I lose , the price just stays at the same level or around there.
    I believe this is a SCAM so DON'T trade with them and save your money.

    It's always easy to blame the others by Mr/ X:

    It's all in your head mate. Please stop blaming the brokers for your own lack of experience and faint-heartedness. Learn how to trade and just stop trolling with bullshit, alright???

    Confirmed Mr/ x by Paolo Di Paolo:

    Totally agree with you Mr/x.

    Demo is easy! Real money a different experience.

    Don't use trading212 by Tariq:

    Hi guys don't use trading 212.
    I had wheat on 420 they closed my positions because the date/time expired. I'm cool with that.
    But they opened wheat at 433. I complained to them. They said it is a new date and new price.
    Fukkkkkkk them crooks

    Why did you removed my comment??? by Mr. X:

    Guys, this thread is manipulated. I posted a comment the other day and it was removed....

    Why did you removed my comment? by Mr. X:

    Guys, this thread is manipulated. I posted a comment the other day and it was removed. It was a positive comment re Trading 212 saying they are not scammers. Now I know for sure what the purpose of this website is. They want to discredit legit companies.

    212 and End Date Expiry by Paolo Di Paolo:


    You've totally lost me. You buy wheat knowing there is an expiration date. So why are you so surprised when 212 close your postions on the end date?

    Logical Dear Watson.

    Futures by Mr. X:

    Paolo Di Paolo,

    I guess this guy comes across futures for the first time in his life and decided to post his 'competent' opinion.



    CONTACT SKYPE: Free.talk8

    Trading 212 by Henk:

    Trading 212 is legit.
    I'm not sure if i can say the same about this website. Maybe make a new website to review this one

    Trading is not legal site by Shawn:

    My name is Shawn. Trading is not a legal website. They are scam

    finmax is scam by hey hi all can you share experiance for finmax??:

    hello all please help me to know weather finmax is good or not i wish to start binary trading with them.

    Haaaaaaa by Malome Ofentse:

    You people are crazy, I've been with these guys for a year now and their service is of BMW / Rolls Royce service. I've been where you are, winning and losing but DEMO is easy to trade because it's not your money you sent, LIVE is a different story as you worked hard for that money. All you need to do is learn how to trade, accept you'll have losses and wins but you do want minimal losses and you don't have to trade everyday but only when you see opportunities.

    You'll use all brokers but you'll keep on losing and blaming them, it's all on you. Trading212 is the best "boss" I've ever had. Learn how to trade and you'll stop complaining.

    Personal experience by sean:

    After reading all these comments that leave someone like me all confused about the whole trading system!! Speaking of trading212 with my own experience. There is something not right about it. It very true its very easy to make money in practice account but things get extremely wierd in the real account. Juat today when i was trading i realised that the whole platform is actually playing AGAINST ME!! I mean like i m looking at the shares as soon as i buy things go completely agaisnt m. But when i dont put any order the stocks are looking soo juicy. Well overall i m gona use trading212. Cos after reading these comments here i m convinced trading 212 is doing some sort of manipulation. Sorry guys.

    Scam by Faisal:

    They're acam. Do not use real account you wont be able to withdraw even by sending a photo of your bank statement as they require.

    trading212 chat by Groom:

    Hey Faisal -do you have any idea why do trading212 are such a huge scam.

    Reply by Faisal:

    When I wanted to withdraw they requester a photo of my bank statement, I've sent it but they kept denying it

    by mighty phil:

    Iam a Trader for many years and have a lot of experience in trading and with a lot of different brokers also.
    I was testing Trading 212 for a short time because it was clearly its a scam broker. Dont trade with them, any trader with some experience wil notice about the bad slippage they doin and a lot of other things like almost all the time markups or re-quotings against the client and when you now what iam talking about you wil see it fast and if not you will lose a bunch of money as a beginning trader with no experience, because that the type of trader they searchin for.
    There are always some special cheating ways, that can not be tracked by the regulatory authorities.
    Brokers can easily bribe the regulatory authorities and ask them to be kinder to them and close their eyes on some events.
    Many of the people who work in the regulatory authorities are the brokerage companies owners, and so they know how to bypass the rules
    The “regulation market” started to become hot since a few years ago, and poor traders thought that the governors have finally decided to support them against the cheating brokers, but they were wrong. There are proofs that those regulations are done by the governors who directly or indirectly own brokerage companies and make millions through them. They made the regulation rules to prevent the traders to open accounts with the offshore brokerages, so that the money stays in their own countries, and the traders become obliged to open accounts with those brokerages owned by the governors. I am sure you can guess the rest of the story…The conclusion is that “regulation” doesn’t necessarily mean that the broker can not cheat. Also not being regulated doesn’t mean that the broker cheats definitely. For some cheating brokers, “regulation” is just a tool to attract more traders to open accounts. They get regulated and registered because they have to, not because they are honest. I am not saying that all registered/regulated brokers cheat their clients. What I am saying is that don’t trust a broker just because it is regulated and registered.

    There are dirty hands behind these kinds of apparently good actions (regulation). When they found out that they could make a lot of money through the traders losses, they took actions to (1) prevent the traders’ funds to leave the country, and (2) make it too difficult for the small brokerages to become registered and regulated, because (1) they wanted to keep the traders’ money in their own country, and (2) only their own brokerages become regulated, and traders can not open accounts with the other brokerages. Indeed, they created a funnel to drain the funds to their own pockets. However, people just see the surface and are not aware of what is going on behind the scene.
    Its a dirty game beter know the rules...
    Greets Phil

    Dan by Danny:

    Iam really new to trading and al this stuff and i tried with trading 212 because of the easy demo. i was making a lot of money in the demo and when i open the real deal i lost my money faster then i could say stop. Al this stuff iam reading here ive seen on their platform and its true! i dont know exactly how they do this but something is not right for sure. They manipulate the price in a way i dont understand but iam a 100% sure i lost more then it shuld be!! Can i do something now to get my money back from them ???

    Harwey by Harwey:

    Too Mr.X i think they understand you work for Trading 212 you biatch. like the other positive ratings about them scammers al over the web from you guys which al in the same scammer club!!

    Bob by Bob:

    Dan i dont now how much you've lost but you better accept your losses and go for a new broker but first understand whats a good broker and how understand which are not. Learn about trading and start fresh with a new broker, my advice to you.

    MJ by MJ:

    For al you guys who dont understand i will explain it to you... The difference between the real and demo account is in the demo you DONT have REAL MONEY so also no slippage, markups, requotings, stopploss hunting etc. but in the live version when you trade with REAL MONEY they can take YOUR REAL MONEY so they will DO. For them who dont understand that i would clearly advice you STOPP TRADING!! And save your hard earned money

    too paolo by Paula:

    Hey Paolo you sucker we all know you with marketing,
    you rather dont have to say that you t212 bulgarian monk faggot.. ;)

    Real Talk... by Peet:

    Iam so happy now to read more about this company Trading 212. It feels like a relief to me to read all that because i was almost getting crazy from whats happening with my trades all the time and all the time i was blaming myself or connection what else for that and thought it was normal or even my fault for that bullshit. Its really like almost impossible to make winnings with them, the spreads go crazy and all is nuts in a split of a second. Its really rediculous sometimes! Ive also trades in the winning which where negative at the time from the spreads i read about that slippage and googled it and now i understand whats goin on over there
    I am not long to trading and searching for my way still but for me it feels like this is impossible with trading212 and it feels even more like i get fucked in my ass from them all the time and now i come here and read the same things from some other people which i dont know and who had experienced the exact same shit!! WOW Trading 212.... Fuck You Trading 212 !! Now i know for sure and thank you guys for your honesty over here and giving your real experience and them who say its not a scam or a cheating broker maybe first you have to exept the fact that here are real people who talk real shit and speaking about real problems which are facts and which are really there because them who experienced it know for themself that its true. And the fact that the broker itself join this chat with some real stupid comments overhere and even thinking that people stupid enough the catch that shit, is saying enough about you guys and the way you guys working and how you are !! To me its just poor and i mean that, so please guys dont try to protect the company you working for when you try cheat everyone in also every possible way!!! Thanks for your time
    Best time to leave you motherfuckers and search for some new broker :)

    Pussy Destroyer by Cunty McFlanningan:

    Hey im a 12 year old boy looking for some help in investment and would apreciate if someone woul dmeet me and help explain this to me,
    Thank you,

    S. Winter

    AKA the pussy destroyer

    Cannot withdraw funds by Kushtrim:

    Be very cautious with them as i am trying to withdraw some of the profit but it seems impossible. They keep asking for address proof and I submitted several proofs but, they claim a different one. So far i have sent 5 utility bills showing the address, 3 bank slips and 1 DHL shipping slip where is shown the receiver address but yet they keep asking "kindly to provide with different proof" as the one attached does not mert their requirements!!!

    trading212 complaint by Moderator:

    There seems to be some serious issue with this broker. Kushtrim I guess you are doing the right thing by asking for proofs. Thanks.

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