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FX Broker Published date: October 28, 2014 Add to watchlist
  • Country: Bangladesh


Search Similar Complaints is a big scam Broker. From so many months they are giving me continuous withdrawal issue. I would request all to be aware of this Broker they are good for nothing. I have submitted the documents for both my accounts and asking for withdrawal since decades but they are denying it continuously. I would really admire all the help in this issue.

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    Trade-24 Problem by Moderator:

    I hope this issue is resolved now as per the communication from Trade-24 Support Team

    Resolved by Jeremy Harris:

    Hi Zeenat,

    I have checked your account and found that your withdrawal was processed on March 4, 2014 via MoneyBookers and you were emailed regarding this as well.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist with.

    Jeremy Harris

    Trade-24 and trade complaint issue by Lory:

    Cheers to Trade Complaint and Trade-24 to get this issue resolved.


    I just want to share that the bad reviews about this company are from ignorant people who lost their money and are angry at it.I have been trading with TRADE-24 for 3 years now,i have an ECN account.Their spreads are among the best of all brokers out there,client support is outstanding and withdrawals are quick and correct.I never experienced any problems with that.I am grateful that i have the opportunity to be a part of such a great company!

    withdrawal by Jonas:

    I do not agree with positive comments about Trade-24. You can deposit funds to this company very easily (it takes some 10-20 seconds) but when it comes to withdrawal it is "mission impossible". First they will demand additional documents, then 7 days to perform this simple operation. Then they say "you have been trading last night so your request for withdrawal was canceled". when I read "trade ageement" there was no word about it. If I have 390 and want my 340 back what is wrong. Especially that I presume requests are processed by humans not computer. Computer can handle problems in seconds. People do not work at night. So why I cant open
    positions? Just another way to say "You will never ewer will see your money again".

    scam by debbie:

    this is a fraud company do not use them report it

    dont touch it by debbie:

    they write they have offices all over the world ,they are based in Israel under prime broker
    be aware of this fraud company

    Stay away by Shane Tallentire:

    Gotta agree with all the negative comments here I requested a withdrawal over 2 months ago and still getting the run around. Wish I had done my homework before joining

    trade 24 Big Scam Forex Broker by abduallah:

    they take ur money then ignore you , be careful every one
    no one like to lost his money with stupid thieves learn from us they stealing me

    Thanks for your comments by Ali:

    Thanks for your comments guys.hey are called me just right now and first i thought, is to good to be true.

    by Steve:

    DONT TRADE WITH THEM , they will scam you , and if ur already with them dont take the bonus they will place impossible amount required for lot size trades on your account to keep you sending more money , I already have my account stuck with them and even thou i have managed to return my balance to its original state they still wont give me my money

    Please watch out and avoid them

    Thank you everyone by Hassan:

    I cal my them yesterday, everything sounded good, by luck i ask them to give me 24 hours to do research and everywhere i look am seeing people having problems with now i won't waste my money or time with them, and i hope you all get your money back





    Scam by PAUL:

    Do not trade with Trade24.

    I have requested a withdrawal of my funds on 4th July 2016 and I am still waiting. Their time fram to process withdrawals is 7 business days.

    I send email to their customer support and the account manager and there is no response.

    withdrawal issue by shailesh:

    seems this is fraud company...I have invested some money and trying to withdraw some amount from last 6 months but no one is responding ..

    Please dont use this

    by Boris:


    Want to register complaint by shailesh:

    I All,

    Anyone know how to register complaint against this fraud company ...

    at least we can save money for people who will get caught in this scam in the future..

    Please let me know how and where to file complaint if anyone knows.

    Able to withdrawa Amount by shailesh:

    Hi All,

    Finally after so many follow up I can got my money.

    Please follow up with them if any withdrawal issue.


    by zeeshan:

    Tradfe-24 is scam, report it.

    Unauthorized charge to credit card

    I'm having a problem with Trade24 because my account manager made a mistake by charging my credit card without my permission. He was kind enough to admit it (via Skype in writing) and asked me if I'd like the money returned to my cc. I replied yes, and even after waiting, then reminders, my account manager just ignored the situation and never returned the funds.

    Here is a copy of the transcript:
    [8/31/2016 7:08:03 PM] name replaced with account mgr out of kindness to him: Hi Name changed to Scott for same reason
    [8/31/2016 7:08:08 PM] account mgr: I will be trading today on the oil
    [8/31/2016 7:08:47 PM] account mgr: Just to be aware I mistakenly charged your card for 550$
    [8/31/2016 7:08:59 PM] account mgr: I will make it up for you today
    [8/31/2016 7:09:08 PM] account mgr: or can have it withdrawn back to your card
    [8/31/2016 8:41:42 PM] Scott: yes, please return to card.

    bonus promised was not fulfilled

    A supervisor at Trade24 said he would grant me a 400% bonus on my deposit of $15K, and instead of granting me the full bonus it was only 250%. I brought it up to Trade24, account manager, and supervisor and all of them keep ignoring, not answering the concern. I was lied to: Here is the transcript from August 31, 2016 and I have it confirmed in email to: [8/31/2016 9:44:39 PM] Brian Miller: Ben, we will give you the 400% bonus
    [8/31/2016 9:44:59 PM] name changed to acct mgr: I will have them send it today
    [8/31/2016 9:45:02 PM] acct mgr: for which account?
    [8/31/2016 10:20:54 PM] name changed to Scott: the account ending in 88, and acct mgr please count the trades since the deposit toward my obligation to reach volume.

    They have not done it at all and continue to ignore it, even after promising me after I deposited, and my deposits have exceeded 100k with no withdraws.

    Trade24 Metatrader platform

    I have a gold ecn account, and nearly every trade performed has been (multiple 100's of trades)off by an additional 1 whole pip, so instead of 1.6, it's 2.6, and with the gold ecn it was 1.2 instead of .02.
    I have sent screen shots of this discrepancy and Trade24 has completely ignored and not resolve the matter. They have receive more than an estimated multiple millions of dollars from my trading activity and Trade24 made any attempt to resolve this issue.

    by joker:

    Scram them back
    Its not hard

    by joker:

    Its like gravity

    All it takes is an little push back

    by Showket Mamsa:

    After so many years of trying different brokers all over, Trade 24 has been very promising and well maintained. Very quick on deposits and executions. Bonus is very helpful. Overall the execution is pretty good and chart is quite good to analyze properly. The copy trade service and mirror trading helped me to get a constant profit everytime without my intervention. Overall a good broker to trade with for proper trading activity.

    by Manny:

    i believe these are same people associated with global trader 365. i closed my account 3 years ago and after many tries to withdraw my remaining balance years later they still holding. i will just take the loss on my taxes and go elsewhere to trade. i make money trading so 1 bad apple is not going to detour me.

    by Tommy Luera:

    I just got off the phone with Micheal on this trader 24 and he pushed hard , he was almost insulted when i wanted to research this , lol wanted 500 to start when most of these companie let you start with 200 or so,i said no and he gave up and said he didnt waqnt to talk to me anymore.What kind of business is this then ?

    mr by tony:

    I have been approached by trade24 in December 2016, I was promised the earth by this trading company they lied and said they were regulate this is not true Fca have confirm this.

    I asked to withdraw many times but prevented by senior broker.

    Their senior broker Jason Davies I feel has scammed me and caused my $500k account to be destroyed by his poor usdmxn trade against the market negligence.

    Despite escalating to customer support and asking them to correct their mistake they did nothing for 10 days until my account was lost.

    Yet they said they would correct their mistake if I referred other customers to them.

    Their chief retention representive his name was Leon also did nothing they just ignore my emails, they classed me as Vip trader but how can you treat your clients like that.

    The FCA say they believe Trade24 are running a scam and targeting the UK.

    I have been offer no money from them, they say only cfd are risky yet no warnings at all from broker. review by Anonymous User:

    I really dont understand why do people invest in the first place, they must avoid or read the reviews before making an investment.

    by Gomez tell:

    Trade24 acquire their trader trust by providing extraordinary service where everyone can make profit easily if they have good attitude and enough knowledge of forex. I got the advance trading platforms with trading tools and software. You can carry your trading with them without any worries. Their trading platform is visually so much attractive and technically so much useful with tools. Also, if you are looking for study forex trading, then you should go for trade24 educational section.

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