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Terms and Conditions is an online complaints website created to provide space for the consumers & traders to register their perceptions and ideas about a company, products, and services or to an extent any trading issues. It always believes that consumers register their perceptions in a positive perspective in order to help themselves as well as others and the business administration to provide best product or service. is not at all responsible for the contents that are posted in the site, as the site is open to everyone who wants to register their ideas. The contents, perceptions and thoughts are the personal views of the consumer regardless of whether the posting is positive or negative towards a particular Organization, a group or a person. The opinions of the consumers may be very strong, false, biased, cooked up, or meaningless; reflects only the personal experience of that particular person and not The opinion of the consumers may vary according to customer to customer depending upon the situation that might be or might not be experienced by the customer.


The contents and the posting in the site are not manipulated, censored or edited and, those are not investigated, checked for accuracy or concluded by


It is believed that all the posted contents and comments are firsthand experience of the content poster and all the information of the content is just the reflection of that particular person. As per the permitted law everyone reserves the right to express their personal experience, opinion, perception as a human being, citizen, unless and until the person is bound by the prior contract to not to do so.


The responsibility lies with the content author to make sure that he/she is allowed to make complaint or comments on the particular product or company. In case there is contractual bond that such activities should not be done, the author should take sole responsibility to abide by that stipulated agreement.


If the user who posts the comments on is contractually bound that he should not discuss that particular subject, the author himself should take his own risk while posting the comment as the messages that have been posted on are made available for public viewing.


The opinions that are posted on are only the reflections of consumers and business people and other site users and the complaints need not reflect the ideology of will only be a space, platform for consumers and business people to share and create awareness among them. It is declared that is detached from all those thoughts, perception and messages and act only as a platform. does not require or provide email address of the users in any kind of situations. We don’t promise the users that problems will be set right if posted on our site, as this is only a place to express your complaints that may be solved or may not be solved. Consumers are advised to use this site positively to its fullest advantage and try to address their problems themselves. is just like other free sites available on the internet, using which consumers and business people can register their grievances. It is free to all users as well as business people once registered into the site. The users should use the site only for their personal purpose; they should not disclose their account details to others, or transfer their account to someone else or assign others to use this site on behalf of them.


The users are cautioned to carefully use this site as cannot uphold any responsibility over the messages that are posted on the site. We never preview or edit the postings, so user must take responsibility towards the messages and consequences which may arise due the publications.


The messages and postings on the site are exposed to the public view and any one can use for indexing and reproduction by third party search engines and directories. has no control over the content that taken from by the other users or third parties. cannot give confirmation on the validity of the contents posted by the consumers in this site. The complaints that are posted in the site are spontaneous; is no way responsible for those contents as we do not make any compulsions to the users to make any complaints. is not allowing the users to post incorrect or biased information in the site. It is not our policy to remove the post that was posted by the users; the posted information can be deleted by same users if they want to. will remove such messages only if it is directed by the court order or by law enforcement authorities.


The posted information may not be relevant to the current situation as the situation that a person who involved in message posting, experienced or implicated may vary from the current situation. The added information often may be incomplete, inaccurate data or information, so it is always suggested to cross check the liability of the information.


It is understood that, by submitting a complaint or message, the users are giving us the ownership rights over the contents to and irrevocable, transferable, worldwide right to the utilization, reproduction of the content for any kind of usage including but not limited to display, commercial purpose etc.


User’s limitation


By using the site the users agree to give irrevocable and irreversible consent, not to use the site for any lawfully and morally prohibited activities which could mislead others or spread unwanted rumors that could lead to confusions.


The services provided by are solely for the personal use only. All the users should accept to use the service for posting and receiving your personal messages only. It is invariably prohibited to use the site for the commercial purposes, resale or any other purpose which is restricted by


By singing in it is understood that you have read all the terms and conditions and privacy policies provided in the site and agreed to follow as it is. If any refusal arises kindly do not use our site. The users should follow all available local, state, national and international rules and regulations laid down by the respective authorities and government including all the acts or omissions that occur under your user name or email including but not limited to transmission through the service.


By signing in the account you agree not to use the site in connection with contests, surveys, chain letters, spamming or to send any unsolicited messages for either commercial or personal purpose.


The users should not defame libel, harass, attack or threaten or violate the legal rights upheld by the constitution, such as privacy, freedom of speech and expression or publicity of others.


The restriction is heavily imposed to propose, offer, sell or buy any goods or services in the site. The publishing and distributing incorrect, stinking, defamatory, obscene, racist, obnoxious or unlawful material in the site is strictly barred.


It is held as inappropriate by to collect the personal information of the users of this site including but not limited to Username, Email address etc. creating false identity with the intention to spread false message and mislead others will be appropriately dealt before the court of law.


Copying, downloading and using the content of this site either for the personal usage or for commercial purpose is strictly prohibited for both the members and non members of this site. The transmission or uploading any unwanted materials that contain error programs, viruses, worms, Trojan viruses etc is not allowed and those who indulge in the activities will be handled with the provisions existing with the court of law.


The activities including but not limited to the uploading materials that has software or other related materials that are bound by the intellectual property laws or publicity will not be considered as the appropriate legal way.


It is restricted to gain unauthorized access to the accounts, computer systems or to the networks connected to the service by any means. You should not engage in using the site in others name, or using other individual’s account or using and enjoying of similar kind of activities. has all the rights to overlook, monitor, retain, access, or disclose any information if needed by any applicable laws, rules and regulation or to the government’s request to carryout legal process.




The users of this site have given the assurance not to harm or harass the or its officers, directors, employees, stake holders and other third parties in any kind of situation for any problems including but not limited to any losses, costs, liabilities and expenses including all the fees.




All the content of the site including but not limited to messages, opinions, statements, advices, offers and other related information are the just the reflection of the respective authors of the content and not the ideologies of Those authors are the whole responsible and accountable for the objectivity, accuracy of the content. hereby declares that there is no such guarantee has been provided by us for the accuracy, objectivity, completeness or the usefulness of the any information posted on the site. It is the responsibility of the users to clarify the correctness of the information prior making any decision. is not responsible for the loss or damage with respect to reputation or fortune of any company or group due to the reliance on the information or any other content posted on


Removal of Information


The users should understand that by posting information on the site, you only have the right to remove or delete the content. The responsibilities solely lie on the users, who posted the content on the site; they should care any consequences that may arise due to that content. is no way accountable for the information posted on the site, since we don’t screen or analyze all the postings, though we reserve the rights to do so. The contents posted on the site can be removed, only by the person who posted it; it is not the duty or responsibility to go through the contents to edit or delete it. As the site is not scrutinizes the contents, it may contain profane, obscene, threats and private financial information such as security numbers and credit card information. It is the duty of the users to clarify themselves of the postings and safeguard their personal information.


Actions against Spam and Damages


There is no second thought than to terminate or ban the’s user(s) account, if we believe that the user’s connections with sending or transmitting spam, unsolicited bulk


Termination or Ban to the user account reserves right to terminate or ban the access of its users to some part of the service or whole part of the service at any point of times, with or without cause, with or without any prior intimation, will come to effect immediately for any reason whatsoever.


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