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Complaints List: Search results - scammed by Account Manager Mike Bekar

Name: Amount Loss: 10100USD- - scammed by Account Manager Mike Bekar

( Pakistan) - October 24, 2016   Binary - Options - ETF's

Hi All, I have also been scammed by on of the Account Manger Mike Bekar from and lost my 10100USD. I am feeling very sad and shocked as this was all i had. At first i had only 1k USD in my account with but later Bekar called me and convinced me to deposit more as he gave me the...

Name: Daily Profit not received from Scam

( Pakistan) - August 16, 2016   HYIP Scams

If you think that you can make good profit by investing with then you are really wrong. They will just take your money and promise you that they will pay more than your principle every day but it is all fake and wrong. Do not get fooled by all those kind of promises. They are a fraud...

Name: - broker pays but their withdrawal system is slow

( Pakistan) - August 14, 2016   FX Broker broker is a good broker however they need to improve few things. They need to improve their customer service and also the withdrawal is bit late but there is no denying of the fact that they pay to the traders but it is bit late. is one broker which pays good and very fast. So if X... - Don't Join Instaforex!!! Robbed me of my own deposit Money

Name: Amount Loss: 400$- - Don't Join Instaforex!!! Robbed me of my own deposit Money

( Pakistan) - June 25, 2016   Forex Scam

I had heard a lot that they scam but never believed. But now I stand after having losed my own 350$ that I deposited(not the bonus money) in to their so called "Portal Forum" account(my biggest mistake). I was trading with my own money. After a whole month I requested a withdrawal of 150$, consideri... - STEEL my Money ROBOfx

Name: Amount Loss: 60k- - STEEL my Money ROBOfx

( Pakistan) - June 16, 2016   FX Broker

i am here to discuss about a broker robofx.My Robofx Account number is 5161813 .. this broker is worst broker i have seen they have eaten my profit and my own investment as well i deposit 30k and i earned 30k  but now this broker is not giving me not my profit nor my deposit back  .. it...

Name: took away every penny from account

( Pakistan) - April 24, 2016   FX Broker

The company is withdrawing their investor’s money from their account without any knowledge. They didn’t bother to take permission or inform the investors about it. It is really a disappointment of them behaving in such a way. The company cannot take investors for granted. They are invest...

Name: Amount Loss: 250- - cheaters

( Pakistan) - April 23, 2016   FX Broker

in RBOPTIONS a person named as Emmanual Fava,he is a big cheater.   please do not believe them at all. its not a regulated company,,

Name: - broker is a fraud or genuine

( Pakistan) - December 25, 2015   FX Broker

I really don't know if this broker is a genuine broker or not. If there are any trader who are actively making profit wit this broker then please do post more info about it. Thanks.

Name: - makes fake promises of 40% profit every day

( Pakistan) - September 25, 2015   HYIP Scams

If you read that you can make 40% every day on your investment then trust me the name of the site would be is one of the site which is really good in fooling people. They seem to carry out new new investment techniques and fool customers. You need to invest only by...

Name: Real Account Performance unavailable on website

( Pakistan) - June 18, 2015   Forex Software

To be very frank I am seeing lot of aggressive promotion strategy being used by Forex Automated team to convince people to buy their system. The only unfortunate part that I see is that they don't have any real account performance on their website to convince the client. I wo...

Name: Forex Broker website is closed and shut forever

( Pakistan) - June 17, 2015   FX Broker

It seems like website is closed and is shutdown for ever. Since many days I have been unable to open that. They are a proven fraudsters it seems. I was just browsing different forum and I found out that there are too many open complaints against them. Please post something more about...

Name: Require Part Time Job information from site

( Pakistan) - June 15, 2015   Others

Simply there are lot of promotions going on all over the place for as it is some kind of a part time job portal site but for some reason I am unable to understand anything out of it. If some one can assist me with that I would be really grateful to him. I am in huge need of some p...

Name: Fake promises of returns by investment site

( Pakistan) - May 30, 2015   HYIP Scams

A big scam has just started in the investment market by the name of Profitforest is a scam site which promises to pay huge returns on investment for some days. On my timeline and on many social networking sites I have been seeing lot of complaints about them so I thought my po...

Name: - Fake Short term investment receipthourly is a scam

( Pakistan) - May 12, 2015   HYIP Scams

If you ever think of investing your money with short term investment program then is clearly not the choice. They make some by faking all fake claims that make 2.5% hourly. The users who are new in this online field would easily be scam by them. I would request the admin and t...

Name: scammed for 100 euro psc- Amount Loss: 100- scammed for 100 euro psc

( Pakistan) - April 27, 2015   Currency Exchanger - Exchange Firm scammed for 100 euro psc they are 100% scammers donr use their site fake exchangers

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