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ayrex best platform

( Bangladesh) - October 27, 2016   Internet & Website

hello trader, i traded with ayrex brokar they very easy paltform. instant oreder recived. instant withdrewal big profit withdrewal is very easy. 24 hours livechat, isntant account verifcation. great brokar ayrex in binary platfrom. ay time bonus bonus removed. no need fill up requorement.

Name: Legit free credit report- Legit free credit report - legit free credit report has blocked my card

( Bangladesh) - October 26, 2016   Credit Cards

The bank is not replying. I am unable to get in touch with them. My card is been blocked from past two weeks.  I wrongly put in my password and that is the reason it got block. I did all the formalities again to restart my card. They have still not activated my card. I hope they do it soon as I...

Name: Maximum security alarm- Maximum security alarm - The company is unnecessarily not paying my claim

( Bangladesh) - October 25, 2016   Insurance

I took Insurance from this company so that it helps me in my hard times. Last week my father was admitted in the hospital. I did all the formalities after his release from it to take my claim. I was denied my claim for no reason. They are refusing my claim. I hope the company works on my request to ...

Name: vermont mutual car insurance - vermont mutual car insurance - This company lets you find the right insurance for you

( Bangladesh) - October 20, 2016   Insurance

This company helps in finding insurance for your car. Now you do not have to worry for your car. Get it insured and drive freely on road. You have your car covered under very good insurance. The company helps you finding the right insurance for you. Be patient and believe in the company.

Name: Auto Insurance Cost- Auto Insurance Cost - Auto Insurance cost helps in making savings

( Bangladesh) - October 18, 2016   Insurance

Consumers buy insurances so that they can save their belongings and secure themselves and their loved ones but if they can even save money on it then it is the best investment for them. Consumers can save money while buying insurance from them. They help you in getting the most apt insurance for you...

Name: Farmers Mutual- No response for claim on our house by Farmers Mutual

( Bangladesh) - October 16, 2016   Insurance

Our house was damaged three months back. As it was insured I contacted Farmers Mutual Company for the claim. They came and verified the damages and assure us it will be passed at the earliest. As we only have this house to stay we want it to be repaired before winter. They have yet not passed our cl...

Name: Orbest Investment- Orbest Investment - Transferred my money into wrong account

( Bangladesh) - October 16, 2016   Insurance

They transferred my money into wrong account. I requested to rectify their mistake and put my money back into my account. The request is going unheard. I hope they listen to my request this time and do the needful. Please take my request seriously. I am facing huge loss because of it.

Name: - Bad experience

( Bangladesh) - October 15, 2016   Mortgage/Loan

I had worst experience with this company. The staffs are rude and least bothered to give proper information. They do not help in solving any queries of customers. I faced lots of problem with them.

Name: Toco Company ripped me off my claim- Toco Company ripped me off my claim

( Bangladesh) - October 13, 2016   Insurance

The company is cheat. They are dishonest and fraud. People need to be aware of them. They took my claim money. This is really disappointing. How can a company be so irresponsible? I hope people come forward with their complaint against this company so that action is taken against them.

Name: Loancare Servicing Center Inc - Loancare Servicing Center Inc - Dukascopy Bank SA rejected my credit

( Bangladesh) - October 12, 2016   Mortgage/Loan

 When I contacted Farm Credit services of America in month of June for the credit amount of 25000 USD they approved it and inform me the amount will be credited to your account directly in a week. After much persuasion as I was not paid in that month they promised to credit in first week of aug...

Name: has unnecessarily hold my money

( Bangladesh) - October 12, 2016   Insurance

I can withdraw money from my bank account. The company is at fault for this. They said I cannot use my account due to dome technical error from their end. They have hold my money unnecessarily. They cannot do this to me. They have to release my money soon. I need my money and I want it.

Name: Porter Finance- Porter Finance are still sending letters on my old address

( Bangladesh) - October 10, 2016   Others

I have changed my address and I informed the company about it. They asked for a written application which I did along with email stating change in address.  They have not yet made changes in the company record. All the letters from the company are reaching my old address. Please kindly change t...

Name: Capital One No action on my complaint yet by Capital One

( Bangladesh) - October 7, 2016   FX Broker

This company is not bothered to hear my plea at all. The company has not made any payments to me since last three months. I have been complaining them about it but no action has been taken yet. They give me lame excuses and assure me that payment would be done soon but I am still waiting. I hope the...

Name: website was not running a whole day

( Bangladesh) - October 6, 2016   FX Broker

Yesterday while trading the website had shutdown automatically. It was not running the whole day. I tried and contacted the company they assured me it will start running in an hour time but it didn’t. I was unable to trade for the whole day. I lost my money in the process. I have complaint abo...

Name: Nelnet - Nelnet Bank is making difficult for students to take loan

( Bangladesh) - September 29, 2016   Mortgage/Loan

The bank is making difficult for students to get loan from them. They have started delaying the process so that students opt out of it. The management should take action against them as they cannot show such leniency. I hope action is taken against them soon.

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